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  1. That's just a sample of what kind of event that could be shown. Could be anything.
  2. Yes, and? Can't we make people switch to slack? Surely slack isn't 100% perfect, but the fact that the devs choose to stay with Skype is ridiculous.
  3. This is not dead ;) Been working back and forth, mostly on the backend side. Some minor changes at the frontend. Might start inviting a handfull of server owners soon in the future to test it out, and see how it works and perform. Here you see some minor changes http://i.imgur.com/l1vkrtS.png (171 kB)
  4. Llano

    How much Arma have you played?

    462 hours, probably half of that spent in the editor.. Uninstalled right now since i cant play it with satisfying fps anymore
  5. Yes http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4635 And nothing have happened for more than 2 years.
  6. Gettings reallly tired of the skype-chat now. Are we ever going to switch? Voting for https://slack.com/ or something similair.
  7. That doesn't make sense? Latency shouldn't affect fps.
  8. Which it already can.
  9. I have contributed enough with feedback to the DEVS about the performance and i see no changes. The PhysiX in Arma 3 is a joke tbh. Vehicles collision with each other and stuff like that is ridicoulus.
  10. Performance/PhysX/fixgame DLC
  11. For bohemia? More than 12 years
  12. I have barely noticed any difference in fps switching between grass-on and off.
  13. This ain't dead. Just havn't had the time to work so much with it. A little update: - I have added the user system on the website now, so it's now possible to add users, and their servers. - Added event system, that will display realtime what is happening on the server. Server administrators will be able to add own events in their mission file. Most of the things i've worked on is backend, like optimization for the server-software and added functionality on the website so there not really so much GUI changes. http://i.imgur.com/asYzIvd.png (181 kB)
  14. Ofcourse i have. But we have to see the difference between doing it a few times, and doing it all the time. I'm not saying that if you grief one time you should get banned from the server. Therefore it has to be some sort of a system that can satisfy the players in both way. Wouldn't it be possible to imply this when it comes to hackers too? They ruin gameplay too, surely some poeple just do it a few times for fun. If you hack on a server in Arma 3, Battleeye will instant-ban you and that ban will carry on to Dayz, Arma 2 etc too.
  15. Huh? So you are saying that screwing around, aka griefing should be okey? If they do not follow the rules on the particular server, why wouldn't you be allowed to blacklist them? And a admin can't be active 24/7. It's better to let players rate other players.
  16. This. A public database that everyone can access where you store all players and some kind of reputation points would be pretty easy to create. Then you could have some ingame menu where players could rate other players and it gets stored in the database.
  17. As mentioned earlier. If you want better fps, upgrade to Intel cpu and/or overclock cpu.
  18. Llano

    ArmA-Banlist (Community Banlist)

    Why both PHP and ASP. NET?
  19. Your cpu is too weak, unfortunately. AMD cpu perform like shit in Arma. Try overklocking it.
  20. Llano

    NVIDIA Tweaks and Ingame tweaks

    Depends on mission, but 50 players + AI normally around 20 fps.
  21. Llano

    NVIDIA Tweaks and Ingame tweaks

    Now go on and show us your multiplayer fps.
  22. Well, I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that the performance in Arma 3 is bad.
  23. It's not like the forum is flooded with different complaints. The main complaints is regarding the performance. It's not like this is some new problem with the game. The performance have been hanging around for many years. People are now getting tired of the bad performance and fps that they get while playing the game.
  24. I want a engine that utilize my hardware as much as it can, so i do not have to run around on Altis with 20 fps. Also, kinda worthless thread tbh. Everything is knows, nothing is done.
  25. Llano

    Poll about Arma 3 and your opinion!

    No point of polls like this. It's the same result every time. It's always the performance alternative that gets the most votes.