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  1. Arma 3 Server Administrator Hello! I've been working on a addon that let's you view ingame performance of the Arma 3 server in the webbrowser, such as server-FPS and the server CPU-load and RAM-load. I will be adding more functionality like: Ingame player list Execute commands ingame Global banlist Save performance In the future, to be able to use this all you need is my extension (.dll-file) and some authentication-details(Server ID and Server Key. Both i will be giving out). You will be able to have a "Server Room" where all your server is listed, you can easily administrate them. I would love to get some ideas or request of things that you would like to see. :bounce3: (The design is just fast-made) Thanks! Llano
  2. Llano

    Random FPS Spikes

    How does the internet connection affect the fps?
  3. I haven't played Arma 3 in a while now.. so.. Is there any performance boost since the 64-bit upgrade?
  4. So, with other words you are saying that we will have a performance boost soon? Ha, I've heard that before
  5. As the title says, does this exist? It would be pretty awsome to have one. For example, when a player joins a server, the server checks if his GUID exist in the database. If it doesn't, add the player to the database. This webbased database would obviously use some kind of API. I've also heard that there are scripts in Arma that allows you to communicate with MySQL database. At this website with the database, we (the players) could rate other players and see specific infomation, like if he/she has been banned, bad behaviour etc. This would make it easier to keep the hackers/griefers/non-serious players from joining servers that want to keep them out. Apologize for my bad english :) (Don't know if i placed this thread in the right section)
  6. Could you show actual benchmark that this i what caused it? Also what mission, players, etc etc. I have some doubts that it's actually the disabling of those commands that made you gained it.
  7. Well, to be honest, what else to expect on their official forum? This is the place where most fanbois/performance-problem-deniers (etc etc..) hold up. Go to other forums and you will see a completely different tone.
  8. And who plays Arma 3 with 12 km view distance? How come even the missions developed by BIS runs like shit with many people on them? The fact that they even market that you can play with over 60 people on servers is amazing. Everyone knows it will run like shit. Also, that benchmark is in singleplayer? To be honest it doesn't say shit. 60 fps in SP with what? 0 AI on a empty map? Most people here has problem with MP performance.
  9. Llano

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    Maybe.. but that has nothing to do with the mechanics. It all falls down to how the performance willl be in the upcoming game (Arma 4?), and by judging at how Arma 3 is, it doesn't look bright. If it will have the same problem, it will be a no-buy for me.
  10. Simply because it doesn't work. There is no difference between leaving the checkbox unchecked, or choosing the number of cores that you have. As usual, all this is is placebo.
  11. Llano

    Arma 4 discussion

    Ohwell, digging their own grave imo. Yeah let's throw even more stuff into the game so it gets even shittier performance.
  12. Well, i'm not going to continue this pointles discussion. You clearly don't understand what me and other people is trying to tell you, Vasily.B. Oh and merry christmas.
  13. Yes, i am very aware how to search or read google. That link only gives me result of people stating that they got better fps when they overclocked. And i don't even know what you are trying to say with that russian/whatever piece. That you may damage the cpu if you overclock over the official parameters. Well, no shit? And how again does this backup your statement that overclocking cpu/gpu wont help performance wise?
  14. Sigh. Can you provide any actual benchmark of this?
  15. That's your source? A link to a google search... wow. And i see multiple post that says that it increased their fps by overclocking.
  16. Llano

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    You earlier said that TS got bad fps because of that the cpu has 4 cores instead of 8. And now you are stating that no game can even use more than 4 cores.
  17. Llano

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Doens't matter since the game can barely utilize more than 2 cores..
  18. It seems to be impossible to find a answer on why/how the server fps (tps) affect the clients. Anyone that knows who could give a technicall view on it? If a server has bad performance, wouldn't that only affect the clients by network lag? Since that's what the arma 3 server do: update the clients with where objects are, what is happening etc. I could be wrong since i'm not into game development.
  19. Join whatever coop server with 40+ players on, and be positioned at some place where no units can be seen. Your performance will still be bad. Why would telling the client that it exist 100 tanks on a server affect pefromance that much, if they aren't rendered?
  20. Well, still. 25 fps is not "fine" for most I'm sure of. It's jsut that we have accepted the state of the game. This "fix" by reinstalling windows wont work for most of the people. Surely you had something else on the computer maybe, Did you actualy see a fps increase after the reinstallation on windows? source please?
  21. So tell us your what fps you usually have, in multiplayer ofcourse, with 40+ ppl and what mission. Reinstalling windows will barely help for anyone. Placebo effect if something. Why not overclock CPU?
  22. Well, if you consider 25 fps to "run fine"... then good for you i guess. But some of us actually want a good experiance when playing, and that is not at 25 fps.
  23. So it seems :P No but seriously, i doubt it. From what i hear server usually have around 20 fps. On the side note, it's intressting to see that barely anyone seems to know why it is like this. Or maybe the ones who knows don't want to say anything :ph34r: