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    Camera questions

    I see, thanks. Another one: do the commands setCameraInterest work?? I'm trying to make a scene where there 2 units, one close to the camera, the other one is 30m away and I want the camera to focus on the one that is further away. I tried with setCameraInterest but I see no results. Thank you _camera = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0] _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"] ;comment "18:30:21"; _camera camPrepareTarget [-58517.43,82171.87,-3742.54]; _camera camPreparePos [527.88,1550.53,1.66]; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.260; _camera camCommitPrepared 0 _camera camPrepareFocus [50,1] _camera camCommitPrepare 0 a2 setCameraInterest 50 a1 setCameraInterest 0
  2. Hi, What are the camprepare commands for exatcly and what do they do? Like camPrepareTarget, doesn't target, but what are they usefull for? Cheers
  3. BobbyBacala

    Camera questions

    I read about it, I see that "camera.sqs" use it when I save the position with LMB, I know what "prepare" means in english. But I dont get the diference between campreparetarget and camsettarget? If it "prepares" the target, what does exactly imply??
  4. Hello, I know how to make a camera follow a unit, but what I really need is to make it follow a unit while updating only one coordinate of that unit. For ex, I want to follow a chopper that is moving accros the map, but I dont want the camera to change the altitude when the chopper does it. Im thinking this _cam = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0]; _cam cameraeffect ["INTERNAL","BACK"]; _cam camsettarget heli; _cam camsetrelpos [0,-15,0]; _cam camcommit 0; _pos = getpos _cam; _cam cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"]; camdestroy _cam; _cam2 = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0]; _cam2 cameraeffect ["INTERNAL","BACK"]; _cam2 camsetpos _pos; _cam2 camcommit 0; while {alive player} do{ _cam2 camsetrelpos [(getpos this select 0),(getpos heli select 1), (getpos this select 2)]; _cam2 camcommit 0; }; but loop doesnt work
  5. BobbyBacala

    Fwatch General Scripting

    I tried to use this animation viewer, but with no luck. When I try to run it "ERROR READING FILE" and this is my firt time trying to run FWATCH, cheers
  6. BobbyBacala

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    This mod is a work of art, I'm trying to use this mod for a small ofp movie. Got one question, how can I make the AI play custom animations? Like the mover over obstacle animation (shift+s when standing)? Thank you!
  7. Name: Bobby Bacala Soldier name: B. Bacala Age: 25 Language: English Games: Arma 2: Combined Operations Timezone: I'm looking for an European clan, so my timezone is not importnat Location: Romania Mic: Yes Experience: Playing realistic and proper coop games since 1998 Roles preferred: I like to be flexibile, doing one thing all the time gets boring I'm looking for an active european clan, that plays regularly, always as a team with a teamleader, all types of missions (patrol, special forces etc) and has populated Teamspeak server. If you meet the requirments, I will be an active and implicated member. Cheers