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  1. This mod is pretty cool. It's definitely an experience traveling cross-country just to meet up with your friends, navigating inland to avoid all the murderers and thugs that are drawn to the new players on the coast. Learning how to take advantage of the noise and visual status icons to sneak by zombies is a vital skill. I'm curious why players do not spawn with a watch. It doesn't seem to be a gameplay enhancement unlike a map or compass. All having a watch lets you do is answer the newbies who ask what the server time is. It's also a bit immersion-breaking, because why do I spawn with medical supplies, a gun, and canned food, but not a simple watch? I'm also finding the zombies to be incredibly frustrating, in particular their crazy speed and respawn scripts. It's been argued in this thread that the fast zombies increase tension and provide better incentive for players to band together to have a better chance to survive against the difficult zombies. I can also see how respawning zombies discourages complacency and encourages teamplay. These goals I agree with wholeheartedly. However, as it stands, the way the game goes about this (fast zombie animation and zombie respawning) I find very frustrating, to put it mildly. On the fast zombie speed: 1) The sped-up animation looks like it's out of a Charlie Chaplin film or Benny Hill Chase skit, and thus breaks immersion. 2) The zombies sometimes become very difficult to kill, if not impossible at times, for the reasons: The AI pathfinding will tend to take diagonal paths towards the player, making the zombies harder to shoot than expected The ARMA 2 Engine feels sluggish, and has delayed inputs, compared to some other games (especially in foliage!) Any server lag at all causes zombies to Die seconds after they are shot teleport diagonally On respawning zombies, I feel that they should respawn on longer intervals, with a larger exclusion zone around players. I've cleared out small facilities (2 buildings) out in the middle of the woods, searched the grounds to ensure all zombies are gone, only for more zombies to spawn before I've even grabbed everything I wanted to and got out. It breaks immersion when zombies magically appear in front of you, and only adds to frustration when you factor in the difficulty of shooting the zombies due to engine constraints listed above. In other words, I won't disagree with a design decision to make the zombies fast and difficult to shoot, nor do I disagree with the goal make players cautious at all times because zombies can appear everywhere and anywhere. However, I, as a player, should feel like I'm fighting zombies, and not fighting the game. Until the zombies no longer teleport to players along diagonal lines and cause players to waste bullets waiting for the hit to register, only for the same thing to happen 5 minutes later when the player's healed up from the last encounter, then I ask that the speed of them be turned down only to the point that their shambling/walking/sprinting animation proceeds in real time.