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  1. Hey R3vo, wondering if you can help me with this. I've been watching tutorials all day but can't seem to crack this one issue, I think it's super easy. I have a trigger in my mission that kicks off your dialogue script when the player is present. The script is great and I've got all the functions working. But, it appears to keep repeating itself after the last line of dialogue, even after the player is no longer present. I've also tried it with and addAction command and get the same issue. I am not sure what or where I need to write code to end the script after the last line is delivered? I hope you can help, and I appreciate your time. Thanks
  2. I'm having difficulty getting this to work, pretty noobish when it comes to scripting. Is there any way to get that html tool reuploaded? It's no longer available.
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    Great mission. Our server has been really enjoying it. One bug I've noticed though is that when a UAV / UVG is destroyed it will respawn like normal but is unable to be controlled or connected afterwards. So once one of them dies, they are permanently out of action. In this same vein, it would be awesome to have a UAV that has missiles instead of bombs, similar to the annex mission. Just makes them more versatile - but either way, good job and great mission
  4. Rocket, I just want to say that this mod is the structure of what I, and a lot of my friends, consider to be a perfect zombie/survival game. This mod can generate so many emotions in one play through. It forces you to think like a game of chess, your actions have consequences or reward - but you aren't funneled into just two choices, in fact the choices are near infinite. You can have a great sense of reward but have it dashed in fear and horror, or even anger. Other players are the ultimate wild card, always keeping it interesting. When I first heard about games like Left for Dead or Stalker, I wanted it to be like this game so bad. I just want to say, well done sir. Really well done. I am not sure what your plans are, but I do want to say that if you ever need donations or have plans to do a kickstarter fundraiser (like wasteland 2) for a standalone, you will be receiving a donation from me - and many others I can imagine. Or convince your co-workers to streamline this into ARMA 3, build up some dedicated in-game features and models and offer it as a pay-for DLC. It will make money. Lastly, like everyone else I have an opinion and just wanted to share what I think would make this mod that much better. But again, so far everything has been awesome. I have a very limited idea of the coding and scripting functions in ARMA, so half of these ideas are probably impossible or very difficult. Feel free to laugh them off if you want. Party-System and "Safe Areas" I am sure the party system, or something like that is in the works or being thought of. I think what is important here is to structure it so that it can be fluid within a server but semi-permanent across servers. So I can join and leave the group as I please within game, but if I join one server with friends we can move to another and still be within the same party. To me this still allows for betrayal and uneasiness with just adding as many people to a group, but still a little bit of structure so that you have some semblance of a group. I guess what I am worried about with the party system is you will just have giant platoon sized armies of 20-30 players who throw off the current balance of the game so much that there is no longer a risk/reward factor. 10 or less seems like a good number. Think walking dead, any time they get a lot of members bad things happen to cull the population. All of the other intricacies (party identity, appearance, communication) is pretty standard I would imagine. Every group needs a home base. I think you guys did a great job with the tent and campfire elements. To me that is all that is really needed. A way to store supplies permanently across servers in one location. I know we can all think of what could be (barricades, bunkers, watchtowers, fences,...) but I think that is mostly cosmetic for the time being. Another easier option might be to stop spawning of zombies if a certain player threshold is met. For instance, a group of clan mates and I basically pacified a small town - nothing big that included a grocery store, airbase, hospital or firehouse. Just about a dozen buildings and one enterable one. It would be great if we could basically call this town our own until we leave or other survivors challenge our claim. This alongside the permanent tent's would be great. I am not sure if you could make this semi-permanent as I can imagine other players could just go to a different server, control the town, and then switch over to our server and essentially be spawning on top of us. So maybe it's just server side, this would also stop groups from being able to control a town for too long. If a town to is too much, even being able to takeover one of the scattered farmhouses in the middle of nowhere would be nice. Weapons and gear I think how you have it is great. Keep the scoped weapons, they serve a purpose and aren't effective in CQB. Everyone complaining about being shot by one are doing a poor job of sticking to cover or hiding. This game should be more difficult until you get more supplies, simple as that. Some other things that might really be great are ways to booby trap or set off alarms. For instance, if I killed a cow and had a tripwire and hand grenade in my inventory I could set something up that will explode if other players tried taking the meat (me as well I guess). This and maybe some tripwire road flares. This way if a group of people set up camp, they can set up a few flare traps and feel a little bit more secure. Vehicles Again, I like how you guys make them extremely rare and valuable. We are a group of survivors, not pilots, tank commanders. People always complain that it takes to long to run around, but everyone I have played with has gotten use to it after a couple hours. PVP and Morale system I think what you are implementing is a great step. Not to punish, but simply make players choices have consequences either good or bad. Along side a bandit player model, it might be nice to have a standard "survivor" model and a model that is intended to be friendly. Maybe something as simple as a difference colored hat, scarf, or shoulder patch. This is really more dependent on the mechanics of the game I guess. I do like how you have removed the ability to identify people from afar, its unrealistic. But if you have a set of binoculars and are watching a survivor move into town, it would be nice to see if they are a standard survivor, bandit, or something more friendly. The ability regain humanity, lose it, or be more neutral depending on your actions would also be nice. Map I don't know if you have plans to create a custom map, but I think this mod would thrive if the land was created with it in mind. There are some great player made islands that balance city, forests, meadows, with rivers and streams. With the need for water in this game, having inland rivers or streams would be extremely helpful. Zombies Love how the zombies change from classic to 28 days later on detection. I can see the zombie speed argument both ways, its a balance between challenging and realistic. I would say, that if there is a way to make it so ALL buildings don't spawn zombies that would be helpful but maybe difficult. Basically I would love to come across a small farm house and it not be overrun by 8 zombies even if I am 3km's from the nearest city. This could also work well with there being a small% of zombies roaming the countryside. Right now when you make it out of a town, a player knows they are safe from zombies. I think if there was even a very very small chance that they could run into one outside of a town it would make people more cautious and not just run on autopilot. Just my thoughts, have plenty more but I think you guys are kicking ass. I think this mod is going to explode in popularity even more, please turn to the community before limiting or shutting down. It is already so great, but has so much potential too.