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    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    DLC on hold until Arma 3 is more "fixed" (i.e. low GPU usage), and no I don't have issue supporting BIS but Arma 3 in current state is not something I'll support.
  2. Any chance to get working with latest dev version? Swimming inside HQ is quite boring without water :P
  3. Bit testing and I got java, rabbitmq message bus and html5 websocket map working. init.sqf sleep 0.5; private["_h"]; _h = [] execVM "jni.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _h}; [] spawn { while {true} do { _pos = getPos player; _x = _pos select 0; _y = _pos select 1; _z = _pos select 2; ["getPos" , _x , _y , _z , direction player ] call invoke_java_method; sleep 0.5; }; }; and java part is simple (BussObject just simple json wrapper object) public String getPos(String _x, String _y, String _z, String _h) { try { BussObject obj = new BussObject(); obj.x = Double.parseDouble(_x); obj.y = Double.parseDouble(_y); obj.z = Double.parseDouble(_z); obj.h = Double.parseDouble(_h); if ( channel.isOpen() ) { channel.basicPublish(EXCHANGE_NAME, "arma", null, gson.toJson(obj).getBytes() ); } return "update " + gson.toJson(obj); } catch ( Exception e ) { return e.getMessage(); } } Note. When building JAR, need to select extract required libs to JAR as else it won't work. Edit: looks like this ... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1402817/arma3websocket.jpg
  4. Often as possible :P ... I had some ideas to start first testing with simple RabbitMQ messagebus queue and from that live web map via websocket. Maybe later check if it's possible to spawn units and synchronize unit positions with bit logic and pub/sub channels :)
  5. Works nicely and I can easily modify already Java part output (note:this requires 32bit version of java, else won't work) Now I'm totally clueless about SQF, so at first steps can I easily push XYZ of player location to Java side via some engine function? (kind of "IsMoving" and "HasStopped" style event's or just raw location updates)
  6. I'm not too familiar with SQF, but I hope there will be more direct java handlers as it looks quite mixed setup if need to compile those SQF parts.
  7. Salakka

    Java API questions

    Something like live statistic web page with websocket came to my mind :)
  8. @Slapstick I actually made some question to http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133646-Java-API-questions&p=2138393 .. but after video some are already answered :) So correct me if I'm wrong .. but I can basically embed jetty and start inside init() and it should work correctly right? About events from engine, are those async ones and not keep engine waiting java parts or do I need to make it async in java side (spawn another thread for example) .. like for slow writes to databases. And how to hook on for example player events (die,take hit, etc) .. I can only see onPlayerConnect/onPlayerDisconnect handler methods directly in RVEngine class.
  9. Salakka

    Java API questions

    I can already see in TOH something like RVEngine.onPlayerConnected handler implemented, but will there be other direct handles like RVEngine.onPlayerHit, RVEngine.onPlayerDied, RVEngine.onPlayerRespawn implemented. Also is this fully asynchronous API, I mean if I will store something for example to "slow" database ... so it won't stall game engine while doing so, or do I need to handle synchronous way and spawn own thread for slow processing. Oh and is there any restrictions in Java, like can I run for example HttpServlet which will start-up when map starts .. which then serves player information to web clients. (and obey normal constructor/destructor)