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    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Hello^^ I am really looking forward to play a WW1 mod. And there are some questions and suggestions that I really would like to see: Will there be gas bottles and gas shells? Will artillery work properly so you dont have to work around to get it started? Because arty was an essential element in WW1 and it would be a crime to neglect this part^^ Will guns be able to get them fired by AI and to set gun elevation in the editor? That's important for me because I like to make videos and I long to see an artillery battery firing their salvos and I have had to make complicated script based work arounds (manning a gun, putting a target in the air, giving the gunner time to aim for the target, unmanning the gun, deleting the target object) just to make the guns look into the air so that it merely looks like a ready and waiting arty nest. Will there be "less deadly" arty shells so that the player doesnt get killed instantly from a 105mm blow 100m away? Maybe by adding a random chance of getting killed further away to simulate fragments of the shell. Don't know the kill radius of a 105 round but as essential element, a player has to have a few chances even when being overrolled by a long lasting barrage. Dont know more questions atm but I have a self made video of how I imagine the mod to look like. Made with content of the I44 mod and "offboard-artillery".
  2. Use this. I have forgotten who gave me the initial artyscript. It is small but very effective. In this script the time between impacts is randz that means in this case a time between 0 and 2 seconds. Zahl is the number of shells, 100 in this script. Set a marker on the map called "arty". The mathematical part of the script does the direction and distance from the trigger so you can give certain limits in which the impacts should occur. In the case of my cusomized script I made a gas shelling. The grenades (yellow smoke) fall down and get deleted after 0 to 4 seconds so the impacts look like gas grenades instead of smoking the whole country yellow. "bomb say "arty"" means the grenades whistle when they are a certain distance from the player in this case 150 meters. Arty is a sound of the Invasion 44 mod I think. zahl = 1; while {zahl < 100} do { randz = random 2; sleep2 = random 4; sleep randz; _loc = getMarkerPos "arty"; _dir = random 360; _dist = random 100; _posX = (_loc select 0) + sin (_dir) * _dist; _posY = (_loc select 1) + cos (_dir) * _dist; _spawnPos = [_posX, _posY, 1]; bomb = "G_40mm_SmokeYellow" createVehicle _spawnPos; if (bomb distance player < 150) then { bomb say "Arty"; }; sleep sleep2; deletevehicle bomb; zahl = zahl + 1; };
  3. Just use the attachTo command. artyobject attachto[towingobject,[offset]]; To get the barrel facing backwards, use the setDir command. artyobject setdir 180; Put it into the init line if you want it to be attached from the beginning, else write a script and add this as action to the gun or whatever you want. If you want it to be removed, just use detach artyobject; Add it as an action on the towing vehicle. If you use some booleans in the attach/detach scripts you can make it check if the gun is attached and only provide the actions if the status makes sense (i.e. not providing detach option on a truck not towing anything).
  4. Hello guys :) I have a question about making cutscenes and only find things that won't fit my desires. Firstly I am playing/editing OFP and ArmA since the game came out so I am not entirely new to it. But now I want to get "more serious" and polish my missions with atmosphere and movies. So that's my situation for now: I search tutorials and guides for making cutscenes. And they always contain scenes that are contained in the mission to be played. But what if I want a cutscene that involves units and situations not present on the map that is to be played? Like....do I get a script working that uses material (units etc) from another mission? I want to make an extra folder with "missions" that represent the cutscenes or serve as a framework for it. That is to create something like a flashback i.e. the history of a place that doesn't exist anymore in the actual mission. My example: A player gets the task to investigate a burnt down house, a ruin. Now he gets to watch a video where I will play a scene happening in this house as it was still intact. But maybe I decide to make another cutscene that puts this house in the same but slightly variated environment. So...if I would do this with a camera script in the mission folder, all the stuff needed for investigating the site (itll be a ruin, some sort of equipment would stand around or sth like this) would be there, right? Because I placed it in the mission editor (because the mission needs it but the cutscene won't) and so it would show up in a scene. But I want the scene to....maybe show some houses standing around there 50 years ago thus making it the geographically same place but without the stuff, the mission is providing in its actual state/time. My idea is: I make a folder, create a mission with the environment represented like 50 years ago. The camera records the stuff I inserted and so on. Then when the script ends, the player finds himself at this site in the present, meaning at a burnt ruin. Or the player watches a video of that scenery 50 years ago then the video ends and he moves to the site for doing his task. Is that possible? I don't want to do a workaround with hiding and unhiding objects in the editor because then something bad will happen to either me, my keyboard/mouse or my health :D If a topic regarding this does exist...please forgive me, google gave me not my wanted results. Thanks in advance, hope somebody can help me :)