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  1. So how do the ShackTac guys do it with over 100 guys on their servers? Are they just relegated to 30 FPS?

    my guess would be no AI no scripts just and empty map for PvP

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    yep, after some testing I gained all of 1-2 frames turning 4x AA off. I just leave it on so I feel like my gpu's being used

    anyway, pcgameshardware.de put up a benchmark


    and it has begun.....

    Almost traditionally do well Arma 3 in the review version problems without end: crashes to blue screens, sagging on one frame per second frame rate, completely irrational AI, suddenly the blue of the sky flying tanks, clipping errors, script errors, etc. Although Bohemia Interactive has largely focused on the core of the game, the supporting frame, the frame is still so full of holes that it is almost unplayable. Nevertheless, the game will probably find its fans, finally is the concept of Arma, an open-world war simulation, completely alone in the hallway. Hopefully, the buyers are patient, it will probably be a whole number of patches required to evaporate the fault of the game to a manageable level.

  2. No one has said that. What we have in the dev branch is all the sandbox content, not the release version.

    From SITREP 00024:

    tomorrow's devbranch update will add all sandbox release content - a week before the rest of the world gets to enjoy it all!

    what do you think is coming tomorrow? 64bit EXE? full parallel processing?

  3. I really think people should clarify if they are talking about game performance, e.g. framerate, or server performance, e.g. lag/latency.

    that is what causing the FPS issues...the server is trying to sync a crap load of info (480Mbps for me alone on a CTI mission) which stress's the server (CORE 0) adding latency to the client resulting in less information to render which translate to tanking FPS. The amount of info would not be that big of a deal if the engine could handle it.

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    Ahh. Well every thread I see is about "I get 17fps (it's always 17 for some reason) on my 6000$ alienware. How come I can't run the game on ultra with 10k vd? My computer should be able to handle the 1200, non cached, Ai running amuck on this poorly optimized map & this bad server". Not utilizing all of the hardware is nothing new in this franchise..

    you just spoke volumes :)

  4. Please help I have horrible fps and it ruins the game

    i5 3450 3.2ghz

    8gb ram

    nvida GTX 660 SC

    would overclocking my gpu or cpu help?

    i play bf3 at 60-120 all day on ultra!

    cpu and gpu usage are not even maxed out when playing arma 3!!!!!!

    wtf =(

    get a SSD

    OC your CPU

    And stay away from heavily scripted/AI servers

    the engine is dependent on the power of core 0, the higher the clock/architecture the better it will perform.

  5. actually its weird, ive noticed when im playing no matter what server, i do really rarely see anyone complain about low fps, bad performance etc. Only at forums. Maybe people with low fps, are just only few?

    then your speakers are off or you not watching the text...last night was the first good night in a long time...the mission had us going from place to place (red squares) to take it over from AI, my FPS WAS 32-44 but I suspect it was from the fact that very little action was happening :) but i have been on the same server (different mission) with everyone asking how long has the server been running? because people are getting 15-20 FPS and of course the Im sorry guys i have to restart the server...sit tight

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    Smoothly. As in no lag. You're right, the editor on a clean map is very smooth. It's also up to the persons hosting the servers and making maps to make sure things are optimized. I can play with 50+ people in MP just fine if the missions scripts, the mission itself, is optimized & the server is good. Too many people go to packed servers (good & bad servers) and play unoptimized missions & then come here and complain at BIS. Just because they can't run their game on Ultra + 10k VD, on a shit server that's packed to the brim, playing a cluster fuck of a mission. Yeah there's going to be lag.

    I'm not saying the game's optimized to what it should be, I'm just saying some people are placing the blame in the wrong place. The game has always been taxing yes. The game has always been a huge sandbox aswell.

    no you have it wrong allow me to correct you...people are not complaining about the game running like crap...there complaining about it running like crap because half there hardware is not being used (cpu cores)...if it was a matter of the engine taxing the hardware beyond capacity we would all just upgrade....but unfortunately the reverse is true :(

  6. what makes you say that? If your following carefuly Dean Halls devblog, and gamecom interviews, he said clearly, that dayz sa is NOT using rv3 engine.

    Real Virtuality 3

    ARMA 2 (PC)

    ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead (PC)

    Take On Helicopters (PC)

    Iron Front: Liberation 1944 (PC)

    VBS2 v2.0

    DayZ Standalone (PC, 2013) Modified Engine

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    So you think that the devs are ignoring the "performance" issue? I seriously beg to differ, read the Sitreps and they tell you that the devs are optimising the game.

    the engine cant scale...thats ignoring the "issue"

    being unable to utilize modern hardware...thats ignoring the "issue"

    robing peter to pay Paul (TOH flight model) ...thats ignoring the "issue"

    "optimizing" you know what that means? its like tuning up a car engine...it runs but runs a bit rough so you change the plugs check the timing run some carb cleaner through and WAHLAH! she is running a lot smoother ...but doing the aforementioned when you have a spun bearing,bent rod, burnt valves will not really help anything.

    I have seen this before....when the reviews come in (if they are unbiased) they will praise A3 for all it possibilities and crucify it for it performance. I saw this with CLOD they loved all it could do and the detail but the performance was the killer 18 months later the plug was pulled and TOD for CLOD was pronounced :( that of course will not happen here but i dont think people are going tobe so forgiving this time...after all (ad nauseum ) this is not a new "issue"

  7. Guys,

    i've made a decision.

    i've took my time to think about it very well,...a few days.

    i will stop hosting and editing / supporting Arma3 the way i did.

    The reason: in short words - Arma3 will never be able to get a stable, constant massive multiplayer (with that i mean more players as every old console can handle) wargame. period.

    *Sigh* i am sad too - but, there is no evidence to anything, that related to MP-Server-hosting or MP-optimizations on BIS-side will ever change or ever occur to make this a real PC multiplayer expirience.

    I am sorry - but i am not going to waste my now somewhat limited sparetime with editing and/or money for servers that never get close to any average utilization of more than 30% while the game/engine fucks itself to hell.

    Regarding to this, Arma3 will never get even close to my personal expectations at a 2013 largescale MP wargame.

    Details regarding the future of my Servers / the Mission and its development will follow soon.

    I am sure you will understand.

    Best regards,


    I for one after much testing on my own server have come to the conclusion that in order to have a 90+ multiplayer i would have to run a mission devoid of any AI and very minimal scripts :( I was going to set about making such a mission but realized i would be recreating BF3 :( I may yet give it a try but being we are 2 days away from release and there will be no magic bullets for the core issue of this game my motivation is fading :(

    Thnx for your time,money and work on hosting and mission making and i am positive that most people do not blame you for you decision .

  8. I've been thinking that since the community has such great modelers and texturers, and BI has a lack of them (as evidenced by this thread), why can't Bohemia possibly outsource some work to the community? We could have more statics, vehicles (or maybe even interiors! :D), and all sorts of wonderful things. There are tons of mods adding different factions/new vehicles, so why not put up some standards and let them be submitted to be put inside of the game?

    I think they did....iron front?

  9. i wish, people would be sligthly more respectable to the devs.

    just for the sake of argument Neuro I would have to point out that respect is a 2 way street and as such BIS should also respect there customers as well because they need us we don't need them and i don't say that to be rude but to point out the fact that the performance issues is not a new one and has been ongoing and although it was a business decision it still comes off as a little disrespectful to your customer base to ignore one of the more glaring issues of there engine.

    209 pages and still active...


  10. same here, after restart i get 50-60 fps. after an hour or 2 it drops to 15-20

    one thing i noticed that gear that had been dropped wasn't removed by any cleanup script (e.g. chemlights,etc dropped at spawn) or the script may not have been working as there were around 20 pickups on the airfield too.

    This is a problem with the game not there server, ig et 55 FPS on my own server running CTI after and hours it 20-22 fps till a restart :( I noted that at that point memory usage had doubled.

  11. ArmA3 was going to happen regardless of DayZ. But it wouldn't have been such a mess if DayZ SA didn't cause a split in resources which effectively ruined it.

    If you think DayZ "saved" ArmA3 from never happening you are very wrong. BIS was doing well as it is, even did a massive increase in workforce by acquiring several studios back in 2010.

    don't want to argue with you but you are wrong about DayZ ruining A3 , BIS was not in the middle of a core engine rewrite/rebuild/revamp etc when the dayz craze happened.

  12. Oh god, not this shit again. Protip: the core of the engines that run CoD, BF, and all the other "next gen" shit out there are just as old, if not older, than RV. We've done this to death, so lets not beat this dead horse any more plzkaythx mr armchair expert.

    "age" in this instant does not refer to physical but to the architecture and its inability to properly utilize available hardware.

    ran the same benchmark with 2 cores but running the 4.2 ghz OC



    Time (ms)








    vs with 4 cores everything else the same



    Time (ms)









    Why not?

    Really?? if you are being serious please see next gen consoles for your answer.

    were you working, as a game engnine coder anywhere at game industry by chance?

    were you? if so give us the benefit of your expertise and explain how an engine who's performance is tied to one core and make it through another decade.

  13. Sure I have a calculator faster than that.

    You know that the RV engine loves fast single core speeds over nothing else? Even 12 cores and indeed 24 if you use an SR2 motherboard still laughs at you with Arma. Consoles can stick there piddly little 1.8GHz up their bum until RV4 uses cores properly. Even then it will be dire at best on consoles.

    I think you misunderstood me..what i mean is that if RV could scale that would mean that BIS could make games for console using the RV engine opening up another source of revenue for BIS :)...im not saying you would or want to put ARMA on console :) right now i don't think RV4 could be used on the new consoles.

  14. Thanks, I do use the Dev Build

    My SSD doesn't have enough space.....but I don't think its that

    I'll keep trying.

    When A3 was on my mechanical HD the stuttering was unbearable.

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    I have a feeling that the latest or one before patch did something that causes some micro stuttering for me but it's such a huge step to move from dev branch to stable to check if it's true... Well I've also 560 Ti so maybe I really have to check this out.

    when the stuttering is happening check your HD light to see if is flickering

  15. I really think that A3 is just at its beginning.

    sorry MR I know you are trying to be positive and rational but to say this is the "beginning" is really not correct and i say that because when they (devs) tell us that the TOH flight models will not be added because it flogs the engine for 10FPS that sounds more like the the end...when you start robbing peter to pay Paul just to maintain playable frames rates that means you have reached a ceiling. then there is the content issue on top of the performance issues along with the "reuse" of models making it kinda generic and the obvious cut n paste of the entire underwater environment from VBS2 leads a lot of people to question...what have they been doing

    now for me i don't care about anything but the engine...because when i spend 20 mins getting to the LZ only t have my FPS go from 40 to 15 because all of sudden core 0 is screaming at %100 and my GPU is dropping and the rest of my cores are flat lining at %20....you have to understand why there is alot of anger MR the engine should have been priority number #1 because it is not a new issue which just makes it worse for a lot of people to accept... while the game is running better than its predecessor its just not stable which again reminds people that the issue was not truly addressed.

    Think about this MR, imagine A3 could scale like *BF3 that would open up the console market to BIS because the new consoles use a 1.8ghz hex core chip (both sony and xbox) not to mention the longevity for future titles and portability.

    * BF3 is referenced ONLY to compare scalability not content or play style

  16. And with what would you play? One soldier, one gun and one jeep? Wow, thats what made OFP so special... -_-

    Thing is, they actually did already improve the gameplay. I love how smooth and immersive the controls feel like, nothing compared to OFP, ArmA 1 + 2. But sorry, I cant accept an empty game were every side uses the same vehicles. Future or not, Israeli Merkava tanks used by both sides with different turrets? Oh come on.

    I know they had to relocate resources because of Dayz, but why dont they just work on it another six months?

    think about like this...all work is done in engine and nothing on content except a few items...people would just start porting over A2 stuff and mods like I44 (which is being done) so there would be plenty of things to play with along with and engine that is 4x more powerful (scaling )

    all the content in the world will matter for naught if my FPS tanks my CPU hit %100 while GPU drops usage drops because core 0 on my system of server is overloaded. engine first content later.

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    Quality models can be made "easily" by modders. Engine fixes, core AI fixes and gameplay changes not.

    ^^this, cart was put before the horse :(

  17. Does anyone know that the pluralization of SITREPs isn't "sitrep's"?

    I think a lot of people lose their inhibitions on expressing desires about ArmA. They want everything and don't self-inhibit. Personally I don't care if A3 releases with 1 gun, 1 solider, and 1 truck. It's 100% about engine improvements. The mod community will produce all the actual content that anyone needs in 6 months. There is a nervousness about things missing a few days from release just as you would be worried about a building nearing the completion date when it's half done.

    ding ding ding we have a winner :) all the content in the world wont matter if the game play is not stable.