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  1. i just noticed that 350+ page PDF content you can buy.... really?????? im pretttttyyyy sure someone can simply just re-upload it into a download for free and whip it into an addon lol

    no one would know.

    also its 350 odd pages how to play the game basically lol

    technically BIS that should be free IMHO

    sorry mate, your wrong.. its 350 pages of everything you have to do to get playable frame rates in MP ;) tweaks,tunes,on,off types of animals sacrifices you will have to perform ...etc :)

  2. It makes no sense to soak up tens of thousands work hours into coding the engine 64-bit capable, when you you can not prove without doubt that it will increase the sales to make up for the changes.

    Even if you come out even with the increased sales, you could have used the time to sell an expansion pack which is practically free money with the existing technology.

    sorry mate but you have to invest in the future or get left behind if not the BF franchise would still be using the exact same engine they did with 1942. I had to chuckle a little when i read that bis had sent there game of to be reviewed and see what the reviewers thought of this as a "future platform" how can a game that cant even use 2 core effectively be considered "future" and speaking of "future platforms" 2 of the biggest names in gaming (sony,microsoft) have shown us what the future platform is....its hex core proc's with low clock speeds necessitating the need for future engine/games be written to utilize multi cores in parallel.

  3. For me the performance is actually quite good and my FPS usually stay over 30, on a HD5850HD GPU, FX6100 CPU and 8GB of RAM. I think performance and stability are certainly a lot better, than lets say in Wasteland for example.

    thank you gentlemen you may have stopped me from walking away from Arma :) i have concluded via tests on my own server that MP is best served with no AI and very little scripting for overall performance and stability, I will register at your site and help with the beta test.

  4. Yeah cuz people should compare a thousands of dollars military training tool to a game that costs less than one hundred...
    misty I am not sure if your are naive or just a zealot at this point.....where do you think the entire underwater environment came from? and from a business stand point it makes NO sense to not have 64bit for arma 3 as well as it most certainly alleviate some very long standing performance issue's.

  5. VBS2 is Arma 1 with an incredible amount of hacks.

    which version?

    VBS2 v2.0 is VBS2 v1.x ported to the Real Virtuality 3 game engine, which is the game engine behind the ArmA2 and ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead computer games.

    I like this part about 64bit...remember VBS2 2.0 is based on RV3....

    VBS2 2.0 includes both a 32 and 64 bit version that runs on Windows (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) and employs DirectX 9.0. VBS2 is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows and can be deployed on those systems, and if the 64 bit version of VBS2 2.0 is used, then VBS2 can utilize extended 64-bit addressing.


  6. If watching the same area in single player gives you good FPS, and you do not wish to play with higher graphic settings than you are currently, then it's really just your CPU that could be upgraded. But you may want to wait for a patch or 2 first to see what is changed in the game.

    Basically, if you have stutters when loading objects/textures, RAMDISK (or SSD, though it's more expensive and much less effective) is your soultion.

    If you have to lower your graphic settings to unacceptable levels to get acceptable FPS (and it actually works rather than keeping the same FPS even with lowering graphic settings), get a better graphics card.

    If changing graphic settings has no effect in situations where you have the low FPS, and the FPS stay low even after all objects/textures in the scene are done loading, then you need a faster CPU (either faster clocks or more advanced type, but in any case not more cores, as those won't really help, so forget about those 6/8-core CPUs). Overclocking the CPU can help too, but you need an appropriate and good enough motherboard and of course a good cooler for your CPU.

    In the end, you have to test in the situation that is giving you trouble what is actually having the effect - graphic settings (mostly depending on your GPU), or other factors (mostly CPU or HDD/RAM, and it's very easy to distinguish between them because one shows obvious loading of objects and textures).


    shame though the 965 is a nice little chip, i built my son a rig last year with the 965, gtx660 , 8gb and a samsung SSD, he play BF3 on ultra with a 1200x800 20 inch monitor :) with an AVG of 45 FPS .

  7. LOL is all I can say.

    I dont bother playing arma3 tbh there is no point it runs like shit and all ways will.

    Yes I have been a fan of BIS since arma 1 dang even OFP but tbh I am getting fed up with this now.

    ARMA2 was poor and they admited to not being able to fix it due to engine limitations so why the hell was arma3 released using basically same engine.


    BIS please prove me wrong though please :(

    unfortunate fact :(

    one has to invest time time time to look into that code deeply. thats not done in months that will take years... but both arma and VBS could benefit from this!

    and how many years has BIS known about this? this was a business decision plane and simple...they chose to flog the whore a little more :(

    ---------- Post added at 02:15 ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 ----------

    Maxed out? You must be joking. There is no way you're getting 30 FPS MINIMUM with that rig.

    no mav he can, I get 30's but it all goes to shit once core 0 hits %100 local and server side :( I just got a 116FPS ..no joke i was in a staging area on a server waiting for a PvP to start it was about 100 square feet completely closed and my FPS counter was over 100 ...lol s soon as it started and we hit town it dropped to 35...still playable though...no AI and no major scripting and the game is "playable"

  8. I think the people that are enjoying the game are playing it instead of posting on the forum.

    I don't mean to be rude but i don't think you are playing the game either that or you not playing MP. I was told last night that i was lucky to have 15 FPS because he was at 7-10....i am finally getting tired or spending 20 mins to get to target only to have my FPS tank and NO settings will bring it back up!

    Yes, and considering the amount of flaming and name calling posts, i think i'll stay away too until the grown ups are back.

    and were do you think those "grown ups" went? one of those "grown ups" just left and he was spending his time and money to host a 96 player server which is not cheap but he finally got tired of dealing with a very real problem with A3 which is the engine. A lot of the "grown ups" habe left because they know there is no "patch" for this ...its a major rewrite which will not happen for A3.

  9. The reason why I'm starting this thread is very simple: the community can add content, but it can't fix bugs. So, if I have to choose between a working game with little content and a buggy game with a lot of content, I take the former. There isn't obviously a situation such that I can have a third choice, like waiting for both the game and the content.

    That said, I would like to focus on the more important things, at least for me. I can understand that people are disappointed, but I think it would be worse if it was the other way around, with a lot of nice jets continuously crashing into the ground. I would definitely prefer a nice system to manage the addons, but I can live without it.

    So, the conclusion is very simple: if you want to complain because you don't have your Sopwith Camel to fight the Red Barron, or because your boots are too green, there are loads of threads for you. Here I would like to ask comments about:

    - artificial stupid... ehm... intelligence

    - graphical glitches

    - performance

    - missing features (not content!)

    - any other thing related to the logic and working of the game


    EDIT: and let's not forget crashes, freezes, and stability in general

    If BIS had done nothing but work on the core of the engine to make it fully and properly utilize multi core technology the sky would be the limit.

  10. Hi,

    This realase doesn't improve my FPS.

    I have 20 FPS maximum!

    Low options pic: http://imagesia.com/2013-09-12-00010_bhn8

    Low FPS pic: http://imagesia.com/2013-09-12-00009_bhn9

    High pic: http://imagesia.com/2013-09-12-00006_bhna

    High options pic: http://imagesia.com/2013-09-12-00008_bhnb

    I had only 20 FPS maximum on these pic. I know it's write 85 FPs on low detail, but this is false, Overwolf wrote 20 fps...

    I closed my Logitech software gaming, but it didn't improved my fps :/

    I don't know what to do... Playing with 800*600 and low details don't change my FPS ...

    try overclocking to around 6ghz.... but you want to buy this first


    or if you are handy with tools.....



    sorry bro there is not much you can do :(

  11. Is there any prospect of them paying attention to this thread/issue? I'm new to the Arma series and I don't know how responsive they are to these kinds of issues. It seems as if this affecting an incredibly large amount of players and this issue has been well documented going back 192 pages. Guess I'm just curious whether or not to hold out hope.

    My Specs:

    MSI z87 gd-65

    i7 4770k w/ h100i

    16gb ddr3 1866 ram

    SLI Gtx 780 superclocked ACX Cooler

    Coolermaster HAF X

    Windows 7 64bit

    the problem is not a tweaking and tuning issue it is a core issue with the engine not being able to scale across multiple core properly (parallel processing) this would require a significant rewrite of the engine core which is not gong to happen for ARMA 3 , performance in arma 3 is hinged around single core speed/architecture and an SSD.

  12. All of that is irrelevant when your point was to ridicule the notion that Arma 3 would be around for more than a year. All of the games in the series have been considered worth playing several years after the original release despite standing issues in certain areas.

    and the *IL2 series was around and well supported till CLOD ...18 months later the plug was pulled due to BAD performance problems. It does happen celery and maybe this time the arma community will not be so willing to accept nor the new people who buy the game. I am seeing people who have been around these forums for years but have never really said much till now! the lack of content the cut n paste topped off by the old performance issues may be the straw that breaks the camels back....so yes i am correct in assertion that this is not a game for the ...next years

    *IL2 1946 is still played and modded however it successor (cliffs of dover) was a nightmarish mismanaged disaster that was dropped 18 months after birth.

  13. Did you miss the memo on how long the previous titles were actively played and how they ran on contemporary hardware at launch day?

    did you miss the memo on how many years the performance issue has been talked about? and was/is the number 1 issue with A3? this is not a "brand new engine" the core of A3 is the same as A2 ..a the engine is not capable of scaling across multiple cores properly...does that sound the like the future to you?