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  1. I'm really happy with the fact that now it'll be a futuristic game, I've tried to create some futuristic addons in the past and I'd say it can be even more challenging. Futurisctic Arma can be a very realistic game, I mean, a playe won't have to take 200 shoot in the head to die as in most futuristic games. Actually I consider it as a sci-fi atmosphere. With the new features I see in the next Arma 3 I think that I'll be able to finish those sci-fi addons i couldn't in the past.

    I think some ppl say that sci-fi or futuristic games are not realism, but consider old ways as realistic (like napoleonic), well I just say it is the same, just different environment. If you use a old napoleonic bolt rifle or an WW2 rifle or a contemporary rifle or a futuristic rifle, it is the same if the result is realistic: 1 or 2 shoots and you are dead... the gameplay is still the same.

    We know what a M1 garand can do we know what abrams or tiger tank can do but we dont know what future(istic) will do because...well there not here yet and I think you have tobe careful with going futuristc because soon you will be playing ArmAHalo.

    There are PLENTY of Modern weapons now that make things interesting in ArmA3.

  2. I'm usually not a story authenticity nazi, but I find the concept of the campaign laughable and completely far off from what is most likely to happen. It will probably be very fun though.

    perhaps we could have Americans fighting Russians in a subway in france?....nah ..never mind that makes no sense either :rolleyes:

    as for my original post (wouldnt let me put links up ) here is what i meant by the furture looking more like Mech warrior

    and the mod that got me into arma


    CPATCHA with every post?

  3. hi folks I am recent convert from the Battlefail 3 statserbater franchise and i have just recently got arma 2 to play this mod and while doing some research on the upcoming A3 came across this post and just wanted to add my 2 P .

    I f BIS is doing a game based in the future 2035 than i would suggest having a look at current tech.....because 2035 might look alot different and i say that because look at the fast evolution during ww2... the Germans started with light tanks bolt action rifles and were still using horses.

    6 years later they had huge main battle tanks, assult rifles, jet fighters and recon aircraft , cruise missiles the start of ICBM's air to air missiles SAM's and the type 21 sub which i believe was what the Russians based there whiskey and Zulu class subs on.

    now if we look at some of the current tech out (videos i have posted) it is a 50/50 shot that the 2035 might look a lot like mech warrior than what BIS has in mind...that being said i will buy it no matter what ....because it is modable made for PC and does not seem Tobe getting watered down for the console set :)