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    out of memory

    to be honest i don't think the page file is the issue...if you are running out of RAM then it sounds like you have a program that has a memory leak and is consuming all you RAM...OR MALWARE/VIRUS....my page file is off and i never get such a message. I would run resource monitor in the background and watch what is using the most RAM.
  2. ric

    FN FAL from Arma 2

    nice gun :) pilsner urquel...one of my favs :)
  3. I think i have -nolog already but i will double check and i will give SSAO a shot, thnx
  4. nice video :) i see alot of micro stutters was that in game or from the recording? i ask because even with my SSD and cpu @4.2 and and FPS of 40-50 i am still getting micro pauses in infantry showcase.
  5. samsung SSD's are the best you can get right now http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100008120%2050001077%20600414919&IsNodeId=1&name=SAMSUNG
  6. its really easy todo....buy BF3/COD....
  7. ric

    Battlefield 4

    NO this is wrong...had BIS decided after the release of A2 to do nothing but bring the core of the RV engine up to the same power as the frostbite engine (true multicore support) they would have an engine with so many possibilities and they could go head to head with DICE and win a lot of there customer away just because the arma series is versatile...i don't have to get a server from one of there "valued partners" i can run my own :) along all the tools for modding, missions and so on. It would alow everyone to play the game the way they want to and that would be a big attraction. BF4 looks pretty but lacks depth. p.s i forgot how much the mini map and the icons in BF3 drove me nuts...do they think every soldier is running around with an ipad using the "i see the F#$#$%G enemy" APP?!?!?
  8. the expectations people have have is for there hardware to be used...if all four of my cores are screaming at 90-100 percent and my GPU is doing the same and i have to turn setting down to bring FPS up then logic tells me my rig needs to updated....but if core 0 is at 90-100 percent and the other 3 are floundering at 20-25 percent and my gpu is a %40 and falling along with my FPS and dropping settings from ultra to low only gets me maybe 5-7 more FPS then that is a failure of the game engine to fully and properly utilize my hardware. here is a prime example of scaling across cores and performance related to it (this is not BF3 VS ARMA3 ) http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1654043
  9. I think he has an 8350 and yes clock to clock intel are better but his FPS should not be that low and i am not sure the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU. over clocking will help and maybe turning off cores 1,3,5,7 will help (so i have read)
  10. ric

    out of memory

    ^^this, sounds you have something else going on...I had the same issue once it turns out that my push to talk button was also the same button for taking screen shot in game....my game crashed stating i had run out of HD space....i had 12GB of random screen shots covering 30 days...lol
  11. nice work OP, looks great is this game still supported? are there many servers?
  12. I had thought about doing this a few weeks ago, i even downloaded a program that will force selected program to use selected cores because from what i have read even setting them to use core (0,1,2,3) in affinity does not alway guarantee windows will do this, here is the program i found(use at your own risk!)http://www2.robpol86.com/guides/ImageCFG/ My theory was like yours , windows and everything else is using core 0/1 maybe giving arma3 there own cores might boost performance a little :)
  13. now now sneakson you know as well as i that if you want to get max performance from A3 you will need Intel Core i7-3970X $1000 :eek: DDR3 3000 (for the RAM drive to house A3) $690 :eek: and of course a Titan video card $1000 for a poultry $2700 your rocking a solid 60FPS.... ;) All kidding aside BIS needs to up what they consider the "recommended" specs
  14. the guy was banned for this??? the problem with this engine has been discussed ad infinitum but he gets banned for it..... ---------- Post added at 14:42 ---------- Previous post was at 14:40 ---------- @sneakson do you know which video configs are CPU intensive vs GPU?
  15. ric


    thank you OP your work looks very very nice :) but the M16 ist lediglich gute fur hauz frauen und kleine machens ;) perhaps ich could talk you into making a FG42 :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FG_42
  16. ric

    Steam API / Achievements

    ummmm do you play BF3?
  17. http://www.wwiivehicles.com/germany/aircraft/transport/messerschmitt-me-323-gigant-transport/messerschmitt-me-323-gigant-transport-05.png (340 kB) :):):)
  18. thats kinda misleading sneakerson...there are "newer" lower end systems that have trouble with this game...the only ones i know of (or so they say) Are people with over $600 CPU's and video cards.
  19. ric

    Development Blog & Reveals

    is that bigger than the BF3 metro map? :p
  20. i dont think he is bashing you rig but you have to understand what 12km view does and how very intensive it can be on your system i.e 50fps would most likely not be possible ...unless of course you just staring at an empty sky ;) p.s IDK would have been sufficient :)
  21. you have the holy trinity of PC configs...that's why its "smooth as butter"
  22. WOW Thats cheap, but gaming at 4k is a no go :( ...for now, still i would love to have that TV :) http://www.amazon.com/review/R2JYDQZPWVTH7R/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R2JYDQZPWVTH7R
  23. 2 or 3 years? ...rubbish there here already :)) http://store.sony.com/c/XBR-X900A-4K-Ultra-HD-TV/en/c/S_84_4KTV $24,999.99 Sneakerson do get us some screen shot of you playing ARMA 3 after you have this hooked up .... ;)
  24. ric

    Development Blog & Reveals

    speaking of content here is some good news :) http://s019.radikal.ru/i600/1308/01/3884a4e74365.png (1841 kB) http://forum.invasion-1944.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=3631&sid=4537ea943b049a132da1c8990de9469c#p3631