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    Reality Check

    thank you pettka for responding , i fully understand why many things were not included in the game but if TOH causes FPS loss and shooting out shutters causes FPS loss how can you consider this a "future platform"? or do you have some kind of road map you would like to share with us for the evolution of RV4 to 64bit and proper scaling across multiple cores?
  2. sorry mate but you have a lower end system and A3 performance depends on higher clock speed and newer intel architecture along with an SSD for best performance. even though you have 2gb of ram on your video card it is DDR3 and the power of a 6670 is very low. you will most likely be able to play SP on a mix of low and medium settings but i think MP will be out of reach :( unless you play on light missions with a only a handful of people. my advice would be a system upgrade if you can, post a price point in here a we will have you spec a system.
  3. @Dslyecxi sorry mate if you wrote 350 pages than you could have taken the time to edit out a few so that it represents the reality of the current release version and not the promise of what is going to be...you could have done that via updates to you guide as items are added to A3. now if you are going to post pics of future "additions" then why not add all of the "additions" that are coming...like say ..I44 they have already stated that they are porting there mod to A3, now i believe there is a list of long standing mods for the arma series that you could find and add as they are being worked on as we speak and will become "additions" as you put it.
  4. ^^ you have to show some respect for OTHER peoples work, now if you want to ask some open source people i would try flightgear.org but i am pretty sure you will have to ask there out of policy and respect. :)
  5. that's the primary issue for ARMA period. It is incapable of using resource available causing a lot of the performance issues we see. so far from what i have read if the engine was at least in a state of %50 Parallelization you would see a 2x performance increase :) here are some links if you want to bore yourself to tears :) http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/common-best-known-methods-for-parallel-performance-from-intel-xeon-to-intel-xeon-phi https://www.sharcnet.ca/help/index.php/Measuring_Parallel_Scaling_Performance http://cs.smith.edu/~thiebaut/transputer/chapter8/chap8-1.html http://www.kornelix.com/lbench.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%27s_law#Speedup_in_a_sequential_program
  6. Twat. sorry mate but A3 needs the best single core speed and architecture it can get :( he best advice i can give you is to reduce view and object distance get and SSD (if you dont already have one) and try to play on servers with less than 50 people. Now because the game engine is maxed out even the smallest scripting error can cause big problems so it is best to try alot of different servers and game types till you find the sweet spot.
  7. i am not sure if i understood you but from what i have read the way A3 works is that it is syncing individual simulations to provide a coherent environment hence why dsyncs can jump hundreds of frames. the funny part was that while i was observing performance i watched the server flogging 10 different PBO. at the same time as if it was playing the game not being a server. now hile i was on my CTI server i noted that it was sending out a AVG of 480mbps while i was connected, another player joined and it doubled...which is not a problem if you have the pipe to accommodate the bandwidth need...but imagine the kind of stress put on a server when there a 90 players...that's a LOT of syncing...hence once again it shows that the faster and better the architecture of a single core will give the best results. now windies I want you to get a nitrogen pot so we can do the some tests ;)
  8. ric

    Reality Check

    you right..there are a lot of drama queens are here and perhaps i got you wrong but my frustration goes farther than bis but i will not get into that again, sufficed to say next time i will PM because neither one of us is getting royalty's for this.
  9. Very true, alot of those videos were posted in the bf3 battle log which caught my eye :) but what makes even less sense is to sell that guide (after official game release) with alot of misinformation ...
  10. thnx for the info, do you have a link to were i might read about this? ---------- Post added at 22:44 ---------- Previous post was at 22:39 ---------- i believe a lot of things got scraped because of stress on the engine like the TOH flight model causing a 10+FPS loss...i was just enjoying invade the annex and started with 45 FPS with core 0 screaming at %95 :( other cores @%25 :( which is fine except that really leaves no overhead. our unit was lifted to the out skirts of town FPS dropped to 19 and i left...pretty much a nightly story :(
  11. lol that's funny MR..People are suppose to watch a bunch of promotional video and screens shots from IN GAME over a 2 year period and then at the last minute they should check to make sure they are in the final release...and of course after the release there selling a manual which shows item that are not actually there...do you not see something wrong here?
  12. ric

    This game is amazing

    glad your enjoying yourself :)
  13. OP you post was unnecessary and your wasting your time, send you grievance straight to BIS and the rest of you BIS cheerleaders in here do us all a favor take a break grab a beer and relax.
  14. ric

    Reality Check

    you seem confused Pufu let me help you out. A. food water air and shelter are things I NEED! not video games B. if you are going to sell me something I DON'T need then you had better make it good. C. when selling me the unnecessary you will not engage in false advertising or bate and switch i.e do not show screens shots from in the game for 2 years of items that will not be in final release (F-35, shot guns, sub?). D. you will not claim "brand new engine" when in fact it is in fact RV3 modified but still possessing the same crippling performance issues. E. you will not claim "building will be enterer able and destroyable" when i can not even shoot the shutters out of the windows. I could continue but i am getting tired.... the community is wrong and BIS right mentality that you and you ilk seem tobe mired in is getting old. I personal don't want anything free....I put thousands in to my PC hardware so $60 plus coming DLC are meaningless to me...what i do want was BIS to handle and respect there bread and butter (us) and take issues according to priority i.e the core of the RV engine which is the biggest problem for A3. so far what we have seen is more stress put in the performance problem riddled RV3 , underwater environment cut n paste from VBS2, generic reuse of turrets and MG on vehicles, no campaign, almost no SP missions , no dedicated server software...etc PuFu why dont you ask your self how many of the problems for A3 revolve around the fact that it cannot use are hardware properly...then ask yourself how long they have know this.
  15. @NeuroFunker another way to look at is called "bait and switch" @instagoat it is not one thing that people are angry about its the culmination of many....performance,content,campaign, generic reuses of turrets,guns,MG's...etc and speaking of "crying" if you want to "cry" about something "cry" about the MOST important issue in A3 which is performance...but let me warn it will get you NO WHERE!
  16. it is is still unprofessional to release a guide with erroneous information leading to unneeded confusion. ---------- Post added at 19:52 ---------- Previous post was at 19:51 ---------- those shot are taken FROM the game :)
  17. And thats ok? showing screen shots from your upcoming game with a F-35 and the all of a sudden remove it...it was already in the game...how many of those screen shots are in the game? (minus the one with the sub) no matter how you want to justify it it is still being deceptive... ---------- Post added at 19:47 ---------- Previous post was at 19:45 ---------- patient? that shot is over 2 years old.... plus you missed the fact there is a screen shot with a full size sub behind the diver :)
  18. this often referred to as "false advertising" these are shots from 2 years ago. scroll to the bottom http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/06/07/e3-2011-arma-3-screenshots-deployed/ ---------- Post added at 19:13 ---------- Previous post was at 19:12 ---------- sorry mate that question was directed at FRL MYKE
  19. do you know how many AI they run on those servers?
  20. I think i have seen this routine before... :)
  21. try running altis but completely empty , have some friends joining you and enter one of the bigger towns and measure your performance then. p.s the performance of A3 is based on core 0 so the higher the clock/architecture the better the performance which means those CPU% are misleading as that is an AVG across the cores meaning core 0 is probably close to running at %100 while the other 3 are doing ver y little hence the performance wall you are hitting. have a look at core 0 when performance starts to tank.
  22. i was running a CTI mission on my ded server, the usage started out at 400MB and by the time the FPS dropped into the teens with just me on the server after and hour the total commit of RAM was 830MB give or take a meg
  23. quick question Dwarden, how can another milsim based off of RV3 use 64bit addressing and RV4 cant?
  24. sorry mate but the game is dependent on the power of core 0 , your best bet right now is to overclock as far as you can go and get an SSD. ---------- Post added at 01:44 ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 ---------- Wwhat servers are you playing on? wasteland? have you tried turning down your object and view distance?