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  1. True, but then he would have to replace the motherboard reinstall windows and that would go beyond the money he has to spend.
  2. there is no need for a $200 AMD cpu at this time unless you have or doing something that needs 8 cores, the FX 6300 should serve you just fine and it is $120 (read the reviews at newegg) as for you question about more ram there are 2 things you can do 1. buy another 8gb of 1333 and create a ram drive or 2. buy a 32gb SSD for $50 and put arma 3 on it, I recommend the latter SanDisk ReadyCache SDSSDRC-032G-G26 2.5" 32GB SATA III for Windows 7 and Windows 8 -based PCs that should bring you in at about $170 :) and that extra $30 you can put towards this XFX Double D FX-795A-TDKC Radeon HD 7950 Black Edition 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 $180 after rebate :)
  3. the 660 is enough, i have one and get 35-50 in MP (for the most part) most of the time my CPU will choke long before the GPU does.
  4. OH MY GOD!.......you do realize you DON'T need another titan right?????
  5. true but that 650ti IS a lowish card, so upgrading the back end might get him 10-15 FPS because the VC is now the bottleneck :( and i am guessing no SSD because he cant/wont reload his OS. Best bet is for him to save the $300 add another $200 when it comes available and throw a 660 or equivalent when it upgrade time .
  6. I know all about tedious :) I have been building a castle in layers for 3 weeks and manual editing the file to line up the X,Y,Z axis to get everything lined up :) send me a PM and will get on TS and i will share all the little tricks i lived so far :)
  7. @windies , this has a 30 day free trial, give it a shot and tell us what you find. https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/AutoGen.aspx?ProductID=1503&AccountID=&EmailID=&ProgramID=&RequestDt=&rm=EVAL〈=
  8. 6GHZ?...outstanding idea and if he closes off all ventilation to his case he could throw a 2 pound roast in there and cook dinner while he plays A3 ;)
  9. I could...but i am getting between 35-50 FPS in MP (under 32 player) so i am happy at the moment, I am even getting 80-120 at the castle in the editor :)
  10. if you can please provide model numbers for all equipment, it helps in determining the best route. are you just looking for a video card or CPU/MB upgrade aswell?
  11. @10T and Windies heres your solution guys...unfortunately A dev dismissed it as "middleware" :( ...but it sounds good though:) http://www.texasmulticoretechnologies.com/services/
  12. you know what is scary about this...you are almost 2GHz above stock and all your getting is 14FPS increase. faster ram is helpful but replacing my current ram to the tune of $85 just to get 14FPS is not really worth it to me. thnx for the graph though :)
  13. @OP give us your complete system specs, how much you have to spend and we will try to find you the most inexpensive upgrade we can.
  14. your sounding a bit elitist there mate. to answer your question yes that quote is from someone running A3 and like you when i saw it did cause me to raise an eyebrow :) now as for the whole "antiquated hardware" argument I say this, the assertion that old hardware is to blame is both wrong and right , it is right because the new architecture runs single threaded apps much better but it is also wrong at the same time because the engine can not fully utilize his existing hardware which makes for a valid complaint.
  15. better yet how about comparing core to core?....1 is at almost %100 and the others are at...%30! its one thing for a game to max out available resources to the point where you have to upgrade but its an entirely different issue when the game can not use available resources.
  16. who's rig is this tank?
  17. and i just lost my appetite....I really hope your just being cheeky :)
  18. there is also another error.. is there a part in that article that shows CPU scaling?
  19. sorry mate i had to highlight that, go play on a MP server with those settings or the helicopter showcase and come back and tell us what you FPS is. ---------- Post added at 22:32 ---------- Previous post was at 22:15 ---------- to the OP, I know you don't want to hear this or do this but it is important and will help to rule out a whole bunch of possible problems. #1 remove and reseat all hardware (ram,VC,) make sure all connections to MB are solid and make sure Heatsink is clean, make sure case fans are clean and case has proper air flow. #2 Update the bios on your MB to the latest stable offering. #3 do a fresh install of windows (yes i know it is a PIA) I tell you this as a person who has built and repaired soooooo many PC's and has to track down problems that were not even related the problem they were causing, for instance on my own personal rig i had a USB hub go bad (or so i thought) then i thought my game pad was going (device plugged in sound kept going off) this along with a weird type of latency in games that i had never seen before. turned out that when i bought a new case and moved all my stuff i decided to upgrade the BIOS. problem disappeared ...my BIOS had a bug. :( I have also encountered over the years how mis seated memory can lead to all kinds of system corruption or a HD with the connection not %100 in causing all kinds of havoc so it is really good idea to make sure from the ground up that everything is sold before you spend hours pulling your hair and screaming ...this makes no sense!
  20. and BIS is suppose to do what? continue robbing Peter to pay Paul? ...we don't have the TOH flight model because it caused to much FPS loss....we cant shoot the shutters out of windows because it causes a further 10-%15 FPS loss. The thing that should really bring the future into focus for you is the fact that the new consoles are sporting a low clock hex core from AMD...how do you think engine's that cannot scale across multiple cores are going to fare in the environment? There comes a point of diminishing returns which means evolve or die! business 101...keep up or pack up!
  21. well just for the sake of argument let me point out that %100 or the people out there from the guy with his doctorate in computer science to the hobbyist who builds his own rigs down to the laymen that just knows how to turn on his PC all see the same thing....underutilized resources i.e ram and CPU power.
  22. I actually did get 111fps on a server the other night, i forget what the mission type was but i spawned in to a ..corral? with no way out it was about 20x20 feet in size surrounded by those barriers used in the remote bases and my FPS counter said 111fps :)
  23. well fred some of us have no problem with 20km...in fact it works out quite well for me....in between waiting for frames to render i can...walk the dog , do the dishs , go on a beer run.... ;)
  24. ric

    Is the game dumbed down?

    Is the game dumbed down? this assumes the game existed in a state of upwardly intellectual to begin with ... ;)
  25. ric

    Any monster dual cores?

    A. no B. get your self a hyper 212 and google "over clocking guide" have fun p.s i have the same chip running at 4.2ghz