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  1. Exactly! JNA was great in the 80's, It was the 4th Strongest Largest Military in the whole world. Any Yugoslavs, Bosnians, Serbs, Croats, Add me! Im new to the community and am very much in love with this mod, Hvala SuperRat.

    Europe,not world,you forgot about usa,north and south korea,china,india,etc. ,anyway when can we expect the next release? I would really like to try out the arty and the bov.

  2. ...that the AA gun for Serbia

    Just wanted to fix that,its not Serbia,but Republic of Srpska ,,the Serbian republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina,, the Croat and Bosniak forces are also from Bosnia and Herzegovina,regarding the arty,as you can see on previous page a lot of us have that problem,hopefully it will be fixed in next release.

  3. I also have the arty problem,i am using co 1.60,its pretty much only on d20,d30,nora and a few others that i can't remember. @yli122,try to download this mod until superrat makes the new units (or asks for permission to use these) http://pnk2.prophpbb.com/topic130.html it ads some milosevic era units and uck units,a mi8 and a mi24 chopper and a few cars,but i am playing that and balkan war mod combined,too bad there is no yugoslav made planes and mig's.

  4. I finally downloaded it,my internet is very slow these days for some reason,i found a small mistake,you wrote armija republike srBske,instead you need to put srPske,but apart of that i absolutely love the mod and i can't thank you enough for making it :) ,can you tell us now whether there will be mig 29,soko or galeb g2 and g4 planes?