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  1. Hi I have updated my TOH through steam to the patch which has rearm. However when I load the game I cant find where the new additional rearm content/missions are. How do I launch into Rearm? Thanks
  2. bigmanoncampus

    Refueling Heavy helicopter

    Thanks. That worked. How close do I need be to the pump? I pretty close already but still no icon to refuel. Has anyone else run into this problem on this mission? Thanks
  3. bigmanoncampus

    Refueling Heavy helicopter

    There are no other vehicles to do this.
  4. bigmanoncampus

    Refueling Heavy helicopter

    Yes I've tried repairing it and still no fuel.
  5. bigmanoncampus

    Refueling Heavy helicopter

    Thanks for the quick response. How do I taxi if the Helo wont start as it needs fuel. Is there a special command?
  6. I m trying to start the 'The take down' mission but I need to refuel the heavy helicopter. How do I do this? Currently I have tried walking up to the pump inbetween the two pads (Labeled AIR) buts no icon comes up to take an action. Thanks
  7. Hi Does anyone have any hints that could help me land once the chopper is hit. Is there a particular technique involved? Thanks