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  1. So after saving NATO guys and stealing a AAF helicopter then losing tail rotor at the swamp after then after long trip through the south eastern side of Altis I managed to find a IFV then a helicopter. After that I decided to find any remaining side missions after flying almost around the whole Island I haven't found any side missions no radio messages only war bellow me (biggest battles that I saw were at the Airport and Pyrgos).

    The last thing that I thought that could been implemented was some other clues like checking diffrent research sites (one near the airport another at the Pyrgos military base nothing unfortunetly), I tried to find Akhanteros (AAF commander) at the AAF airport at the airport to the North East nothing too, After that I gave up on my search and I decided to fly away. It quite a good experience and even though some explaination could have been given apart from the seismic board.(And Btw have you guys noticed the device assembly sound in ZEUS?)