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    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Great job with this DLC. Been loving the Extraction scenario. Got a couple of bugs for you while playing in singleplayer. Started Extraction and did a bit of exploring in the MH-9. Landed at the UNA base at 061957. Tura offroad with HMG spawned inside the UN camp 5 metres from me, shot me and drove off. Probably should prevent spawns from occurring near there. I took took long playing dressup at the camp and got a fail for the UNA defend checkpoint mission. Fair enough, but got paid $650 for my trouble, then told to RTB which immediately completed causing time to accelerate as I was able to walk around. You might want to add some safeguard to prevent this.
  2. friendlyfyre

    Operational Radar Buildings?

    Thanks, nice idea. Will do just that I have some time.
  3. Arma 3 has: An awesome sensor overhaul which includes radar. Golf ball radar buildings sprinkled around the maps. It would seem logical (and awesome) for these radar buildings to be capable of more than decoration and actually operate as radar for a certain faction. I could not find any function or scripting command that would add a sensor to anything, let alone a building. One hacky idea I was thinking was to create a AN/MPQ-105 or R-750 Cronus radar inside the building and then somehow make the building transparent to sensors. But I'm not sure if there's a way to do that. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on achieving this?
  4. @pierremgi Try this. Worked for me. this addEventHandler ["fired",{ params ["_unit"]; _unit spawn { params ["_unit"]; if (count (magazinesAmmo _unit) == 0) then { sleep 20; _unit addMagazineTurret ["magazine_Missile_mim145_x4",[0],4]; }; }; }]; Note that's the NATO SAM. Not the CSAT one. I think your issue is that by the time 4 seconds has passed your SAM has fired its last missile. Meaning magazinesAmmo _unit select 0 select 1 == 1 evaluates false. Either that or BI fixed it since you posted. On a related note, the SAM fires off all its missiles ridiculously fast. Which may or may not be realistic but it does mean the turret wastes 4 missiles on 1 plane. And 4 turrets wasted 16 missiles on 1 plane. Which looks even sillier. So I wrote this: this addEventHandler ["fired",{ params ["_unit"]; _unit spawn { params ["_unit"]; (group _unit) setCombatMode "BLUE"; sleep 20; (group _unit) setCombatMode "RED"; if (count (magazinesAmmo _unit) == 0) then { _unit addMagazineTurret ["magazine_Missile_mim145_x4",[0],4]; }; }; }];
  5. friendlyfyre

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    @kydoimos In the mission "Approaching Thunder" could you please add an autosave just after the gunship strafes the pickup? I've failed this bit a dozen times and having to sit through the pickup ride over and over again is infuriating. Some of this is my fault - I'm running AI on expert with bCombat and I'm no top tier player. But still ... I doubt I'm the only one who had this problem. I was having more fun than the original campaigns up until this point. Thanks for creating such awesome missions!!
  6. I've had the same problem. Playing BAF mission - retrieve the UN vehicles. If I do not command the warrior myself it fires on enemy vehicles (including armoured) with the machinegun only. If I board the tank to command, then I can get the gunner to use the auto-cannon. However he defaults to machine gun which means a dangerous delay changing weapons. Also once changed to cannon he often changes back to machine gun. Happens when I change targets and sometimes during a fire order. I'm not experienced enough to say whether this used to happen or not.
  7. Hi there. Can anyone tell me what is going on with commanding tanks in this game? The whole thing seems to be an utter mess but I specifically am going mad trying to target and destroy enemy tanks. A good example is the OA steel panther mission, or the BAF mission where you have to fetch the UN vehicles with a single little APC taking on T72s, T55s etc. Time and time again, I will spot enemy armour through the thermal scope a kilometer or so away, right click and hold, nothing happens, right click maniacally, nothing happens. Press 2 for a list of targets, tank isn't there. Hit tab while my middle finger bruises. Usually by now the crew and I have been murdered. Is there a workaround for this? Or a mod which fixes it? Or do you guys change your controls in some way to make it a bit more fluid? How do people cope with tank combat generally? Is there a guide, pdf or thread out there about commanding tanks? I don't mean the basics because I already know those, and I don't mean real world tactics, but working with the interface effectively. I'm not really a newb, I've been putting up with it for years, but only now trying to do something about it. Thanks for any replies.
  8. friendlyfyre

    Targeting in tanks

    To all - Thanks for the tips. I will certainly try to remap the controls and try this voice command thing out. Commanding tanks with a joystick sound pretty crazy on paper though. These were the sort of tips I was looking for. PVP Scene - Yes I reveal the targets and use the RMB. I was calling it 'spotting'. This is the part that doesn't work too well imo. Imo there is something wrong with the philosophy that you can't reveal a target unless the ai in your head can also see it. Or it is a bug.
  9. friendlyfyre

    Targeting in tanks

    Thanks Beagle, I do use those controls. I find them very cumbersome, but I can live with them. I don't know if I could think of a better system. Not off the top of my head anyway. Max Power I think your description sounds very much like the problem. I try to spot the target so my 'character' will make the ai gunner aware, but in many cases it is impossible. Any sort of visual cover seems to cause this, such as trees buildings or a hill that obstructs the enemy tank's hull. In clear view it is not such a problem. In the case of a hill I thought maybe it is because the gunners POV sits lower than mine but I should be able to at least spot it for him. It happens in other cases though where the gunner would be able to see pretty easily if he was a human using thermals. Is this a bug then?
  10. friendlyfyre

    Targeting in tanks

    Thanks Beagle. I do already use those controls. I find them pretty cumbersome but I can live with that, I'm not sure I could come up with a better system. I've never played a proper tank sim. Max, I think you've pretty well described the problem. I don't mind if I have to spot things for the ai. But it is literally impossible in many situations. If the whole vehicle profile is visible then I can usually 'spot' and target the enemy vehicle. But if they have any sort of partial visual cover, then nothing happens. I don't want to hop into the gunners seat to deal with it. I want to be a tank commander. Does this mean its a bug? And to confirm, do I look at and hold the right mouse button to spot the enemy?