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  1. I am wanting to use the VAS script in MCC and edit the config file so that there are more than 10 save slots. I understand that I need to edit the config file, but I cannot find it anywhere. I've checked the config and functions viewer in the editor but I cannot find the VAS config file anywhere. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  2. maccyjam

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hey, Is it possible to buy or obtain a fast rope or parachute on ACE Benny Edition 2.071? I've looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi, I have just recently bought Operation Arrowhead and saw that you can combine it into Combined Operations. The articles that I read state that OA look for Steam or Normal ArmA2 however I don't know if it will find the GreenManGaming's copy of the game which is found in Program Files/CapsuleGames. Does anyone know if this will be an issue? Operation Arrowhead is still downloading so I can't test it for myself. Thanks in advance,
  4. Oh, okay thanks! I'll just use Six Updater to launch it, seems the most hassle free way. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I have tried hosting a dedicated server today for the first time. When me and my friend join it and it loads into the actual game, the server browser is displayed. If we press cancel on it, we are booted back to the main menu. Any help? Thanks in advance,
  6. Hehe, alright I understand now. Thanks for the information! :)
  7. What about Superpowers? Do you know if it's disabled on that? Also, Can I save a game currently in progress? I know of persistent, but I want to shut down the server when we are finished, can we save it then reload it at a later date? Thanks,
  8. Hey, Thanks for the reply. It turns out the server wasn't loading the server.cfg file, so I've solved it now. But i have another, unrelated question: On MP, can I use the switch-to thing on AI squad mates? Thanks in advance,