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  1. I want to set up a dedicated server on my remote win 2008 server (or a win 7 virtual machine running on the virtual machine host). So my question is quite simply: Do I need to transfer my entire Take on helicopters folder? It's 16gb... I don't hope so :) Any advice?
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    I've clocked 5-10 hours in this game, and I got an impression that the game is very unfinished and poor in many ways. I get an awful feeling when I walk around on foot, but what made me register and "rant" on this forum is the following: I've just failed for the 6th time on the mission "memory: Operation bullseye" where The chopper gets shot down. It seems to be completely random how the chopper reacts to my maneuvers: sometimes it just tilts over without me doing squat, and other times I can control the chopper with no problems just to have it tip over in 2 seconds. It just doesn't feel right in any way. Whats even funnier is that the guy in my chopper tells me to "get in closer" "can't you get a better angle" - WHILE we're crash landing.... Seriously? PS: The whole career "cinematics" voiceover is so poorly done that I could have done a more realistic voice. I don't think this game is worth 40 euros, but I've played FSX 10 for years and thought this game - being a chopper simulator - would be better. But it's sub-par. btw: to register on the forums I had to type in the answer to this? Random Question: In what year was released Operation FlashPoint: Cold War Crisis ? REALLY???