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  1. Of course i checked that guide, and others. I know that usually more hardware details are needed. But since changing settings didn't do much of a difference, and the mentioned components do not seem to be really stressed out i thought it would be rather distracting than helpful. But alright, Hardware: CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 running at 2.4 GHz GPU is an Asus Geforce GTX 560 with 1 Gig of VRAM (which, btw i think is the only amount for the 560. At least it's the default). Memory is from GEiL (2x2GB) and Kingston (2x1GB) Both specified and running at 800MHz (well, actually 400MHz but you usually double that number) and a 4-4-4-12 timing. Running dualchannel ofc. The HDD where the game's on is a Seagate ST315005N4A1AS-RK SATA 3Gb/s 1.5TB 5900rpm all that is plugged into a MSI P7N-SLI-Platinum, FSB is rated at 1066.7 MHz i do not have a dedicated Soundcard and use the onboard chip Software: Windows 7 x64 Geforce drivers ver. 285.62 I have not changed the clocking and left the 3D settings mostly at default, except "Maximum pre-rendered frames", because i saw it mentioned that this might help. It didn't have a noticable impact. VSync is of course off, both in the game and the driver setting. nforce chipset drivers 15.57 Avast AntiVirus, with the whole steam directory whitelisted to be only checked during write access Thanks for your interest.
  2. As the topic says, i just can't figure out what is limiting my framerate. With a view-distance of 8000, i get about 20 FPS in the first part of the Benchmark until the Boats section (about 30 there) and when the camera is closing in on highland park, while only water is on screen it tops out at about 40. First culprit was of course the graphics power. I just bought a Geforce 560 (for this game actually), but it only gets about 40% to 50% GPU, 80% VRAM and minimal VRAM Controller load. The video settings seem to have almost no effect either. The difference between the lowest and highest setting is so low, that its hard to measure between the usual fluctuations. Even setting shadows from disabled to high doesnt have an impact. 3D Resolution doesn't change a thing (performance-wise) between 50% or 200%. So i am pretty sure its not graphics power related. Thing is: the other ressources seem to be idling away too . The Quadcore CPUs only get averaged 50% work, with maybe one or two cores going to 80% or 90% briefly. My HDD is regularly defragmented, but i still tried the recommended move-to-the-outer-rim process to no effect. Windows' performance monitor says ToHs HDD requests have about 3-6ms wait time - only once i saw one go to 19ms. During one test Steam was downloading an update for another game onto the same partition, without any noticable difference. My 6 GB of RAM is only filled to 40% with only 0.9GB reported for ToH and no page faults during the benchmark. I just changed the frequency and timings. Looking into the matter made me notice that my memory was underclocked. At least i now have set them to manufacturer specs, with no effect in ToH though. The one thing that does change the framerate is the viewing distance. I seem to be able to get a pretty nice and crisp picture, just not farther than 4000 units (meters ?) away So, im rather puzzled. Now it's not just that i wan't to play with better frame rates, i'm also pretty curious. Please enlighten me.
  3. It appears when you open the menu while you look at the throttle (use freelook for that). Or bind a key to decrease throttle