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  1. For BIS the purpose of DLC is to highlight the ability of helicopters lifting, I think we will have to do a massive machines, currently only the AAF has this kind of machine CH-49 Mohawk, I'll see a H-92 Superhawk (also call CH-148 in Canada) for NATO:





    Off course, this is not the largest but not the age of the MH-53

  2. @ F27Sharps: It's not quite true. I could use LG ammo with M4 as an arty support and quadrocopter as a laser designator. And if vehicle - what I targeted - was 90% visible (not covered by woods) it works and LG ammo direct hit (with indirect firing mode). But if target is only 10% visible, the LG ammo is missed.

    @Bigshot: The fixed wing drone (with postfix CAS) worked 99% when I lasered a target with Dart. So you put a flying fixed wing drone (the CAS one) and put waypoints to circle around the zone. And it just flying around until I use laser of Dart. Then it will strike the lasered target.

    But I want artillery support in my mission.

    The principle of laser designation is to allow an autonomous ammunition locked the target via an external system, with the M4 or e 2S9 we can't locking anything, so no, it does not work.