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  1. I dont know the exact number of islands for the campaign, but I think 15-20 or so. What kind of skirmish are you thinking of? You have to fight your way to each command center to capture them, and its not only easy. Some of them have protective measures in place that you need to deal with before you can capture them. I dont want to say too much as I dont want to spoil the game for you either.
  2. Bansheedragon

    Patch 1.6.0004 Impressions

    The game is designed so that the enemy carrier has an advantage from the start. If its possible t change this I wold look/ask for, or if you can create, a mod that changes this. I dont think the devs will change this in any way.
  3. Bansheedragon

    Which version to buy 360 or PC

    I played the game quite a few times by now, and can say its a great tribute to the original. You will not be disappointed, there are many hours of gameplay in this game.
  4. Bansheedragon

    Which version to buy 360 or PC

    Saving almost half the price by getting a retail version, is not something I can argue with. And having a tight economy as well, I can understand you want so save money.
  5. Bansheedragon

    Which version to buy 360 or PC

    You can do that with a PC as well. I'm sitting in my favorite chair with my PC connected to my 40" TV at a comfortable distance I can lean back and relax when I play if I so wish. The PC does have a few advantages over the Xbox mentioned above, but that dont mean the Xbox is a bad choice. I would say its a matter of preference, personally I prefer the PC. If you ordered the PC version, why not order a digital version? that way you can just download it and save the wait. Unless of course you got limits to your connection that makes it impractical.
  6. Bansheedragon

    Enemy carrier too agressive

    The replies here sounds to me like they are mostly based on the strategy version of the game. My issue was with the campaign, shortly after taking Fulcrum. At this point I had just barely gotten the blueprints for most the new equipment, but not had time to build it yet. Any time I tried attacking an enemy Island, I would get about half way done, and the enemy carrier would show up. At this point I didnt have much in the way of weapons or armor for either Mantas or walruses. Mantas only has Machinegus with one having MKI armor, but no rockets, lasers or plasmas, and the mantas are shot down in 1-2 shots, making them useless 1 or 2 walruses had lasers with MKI armor, I had no HEAT or other weapons available. As such my choice was to either let the enemy carrier destroy me, or wait for the production of various weapons and equipment, while the enemy carrier took my islands 1 by 1 gradually reducing my materials income and production capabilities. Trying to take them back would be futile as the defenses seems to be instantly rebuilt, giving the enemy carrier time to come and defend the Island before I can capture it, something it will do. In a couple of my attempts I was able to shoot down the enemy carriers main gun first, only to lose my own shortly after to the enemy defensive guns(Flak/Quad guns), but most of the time I lost my Main gun and mantas before I even had time to react, with the walruses following shortly after. While it is possible to "defeat" the enemy carrier in the campaign, it will never be destroyed before at the end due to the sotryline, instead it just retreats and comes back again shortly after fully repaired again.
  7. Bansheedragon

    Enemy carrier too agressive

    As I said in my OP I just captured Fulcrum so I dont have any drones yet. Both my Mantas and walruses are being shot down in 2 shots, long before I even have a chance to fire my own weapons. The enemy carrier is simply too fast for me to even have time to turn and it seems to always come at me from behind taking out my engines so I cannot turn at all. I thought the purpose of this game was to capture the enemy Islands, not have the enemy carrier chase you down and blow you out of the water before you can even turn to face him.
  8. After having some issues with the game after 1.04 patch, I decided to uninstall the game and reinstall the 1.02 version. I could uninstall the game no problem, bu installing the game is impossible. When trying to install the game the install program don launch, but some applications on my computer freezes and stops working. If then use the task manager to close the install program buy killing the process, the task manager locks up as well, and eventually the whole computer locks up. I just dont understand what the hell is going on here and why I suddenly cannot install the game.
  9. I recently installed the 1.04 patch, hoping that some of the bugs, especially the walrus pathing issue, had been fixed. I always enjoyed the campaign, so I started playing that again. It turned out the pathing issue was just as horrible was it was when the game was released. After capturing the Fulcrum Island the enemy carrier took one of my Islands, knowing that I didnt have the firepower to take it out, I decided to go for one of his islands instead. I was a bit surprised when the enemy carrier showed up when I was half way through capturing the enemy island. And since I dont have the firepower to defeat it at the current point in the campaign, I decided to retreat. Unfortunately where the enemy carrier decided to run when I encountered it before, it now chases me instead. The enemy carrier are both faster than me and has far more firepower, which means that I cannot escape. I tried lancing both mantas and walruses to try and delay it, but they were shot down instantly and my deck guns would barely starch the paint of the enemy carrier. So basically, where the enemy carrier used to run away, it is now so aggressive as to chase me and blow me out of the water long before I have any chance of taking it out. Is it really too much to ask for a middle way here? I have tried everything I can think of short of cheating to try and escape from or defeat the enemy carrier, but every time I end up losing. And I cannot even attack an Island before the enemy carrier decides to come around and disrupt my work half way through, and then blow me out of the water before I can even get my guns to bear on the enemy carrier. I dont mind a challenge, but when I dont have a snowballs chance to hell of winning a fight against the enemy carrier, then I no longer consider it a challenge.
  10. A simple quick save/quick load feature would be great. Find it cumbersome to have to open the menu and manually save every time I want to save. Most other games I played have this feature and I find it very useful. I would also like to see and option to turn off the Alt Tab Pause. Sometimes when I'm waiting for my units to return to the ships after capturing an Island or while traveling between islands its a very log wait. I find in insanely boring to sit around and wait for it all to finish, so I would like to be able to Alt Tab and do something else while waiting, instead of being forced to sit and gawk at my screen while waiting.
  11. One thing I would like to see is a quick save/ quick load function. Most games I have played has this, and I find it very useful. Saves me having to open the menu and manually save every time I need/want to do a save. I would also like to see and option to turn off the Alt Tab Pause. Sometimes when I'm waiting for my units to return to the ships after capturing an Island or while traveling between islands its a very log wait. I find in insanely boring to sit around and wait for it all to finish, so I would like to be able to Alt Tab and do something else while waiting, instead of being forced to sit and gawk at my screen while waiting
  12. Bansheedragon

    Walrus AI / Patch 1.04 - 1.05

    I have played this game since Beta, currently running 1.4 non-steam version, and can honestly say I dont see much improvement on the Walrus AI, if any at all. Most of the time its ok at best, but far too often I seen them stopping every few meters and then rocking back and forth as if they dont know where they should go. I seen it happen even on short stretches of straight road with flat terrain and no obstacles. It is especially bad when I have the others just follow me, I can get 1 to follow me, but the other 2 are acting like confused headless chickens. Its extremely frustrating when you expect them to follow you, only to suddenly find yourself alone in a firefight against multiple enemies when their support means the difference between victory or defeat. I think its a great game and a great tribute to the original, but the terrible Walrus AI is seriously diminishing the enjoyment of the game, and even hampering gameplay progress.
  13. I seen others mention this CC building issue you mention. I have never encountered it myself, but from what I have heard it usually works properly the second time around.
  14. I never encountered that problem, but then again I always too Vatland first of the 3 upper islands. Could be a bug in the system that causes this, have you tried taking the 3 Islands in a different order and had the same happen? If you can, load the game before taking Lingard and try Taking one of the other 2 Islands and see if it happens again. It almost sounds as if the game has issues with taking the Islands in a specific order, if thats the case it needs to be reported as a bug of course as you should be able to take any Island in any order you want
  15. Bansheedragon

    Mod Ideas Scratch Thread

    This would be perfect for a strategy mode. This would make it far more interesting than just starting with everything available. I like to have some sense of progression and this would fit nicely into that category. I would have done it myself had I had any knowledge about this. Unfortunately I know nothing about coding or programming or anything else like that.