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  1. [quote=Riouken;2102890 Here is a very good easy to use vehicle respawn script: (I haven't tested it in TOH but it should work with out to much trouble.) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?76445-Simple-Vehicle-Respawn-Script Nice, I will give that a try. Thank you very much. Kind regards Lorgarn
  2. Hi everyone, I have started to have a good long look on the editor. So far I can give players the ability to respawn, by creating a Description.ext. I can also respwan vehicles by stating a default respwantime in the Description.ext, adding a marker like 'respawn_vehicle_west' and initialising the vehicle with this respwanVehicle[-1]; When I want to respawn several vehicles, I create the marker as an area, so they do not appear in themselfs. But now I have 2 helicopters, beloning to the same faction, which I want eacht to spawn on a certain place. How can I assign a specific marker to a vehicle? Kind regards Lorgarn
  3. Hi, Nightsta1ker, thanks for that very detailed description. I will practice that. Feels good to have some kind of 'plan' how to approch those maneuvers. I will play around with that and drop a line when I get a better feeling for the helicopter. Kind regards Lorgarn
  4. Hi everyone, I wrote a reply on Friday I think, but it did not appear so far. If this ist due to something one of the moderators were not happy with, a short PM would be great, so I know, what I did do wrong. So again in short: I am looking for a head tracking device, since I feel it is very usefull, looking for something special at the moment, before I try the freetrack thing. I feel glad, that most people agree, that practice is most important. I am not quite sure, what nightsta1ker means by 'rate of closure to the intended landing point' and 'keeping the center of gravity straight down'. Kind regards and have a fantastic week Lorgarn
  5. Thank you all, for this next round of usefull comments... I totally agree, that I am lacking much practice, and I can not expect to master the controls from one day to another. And I do not feel frustrated in any way so far. There ist one multiplayer game called 'capture the ships' where I try to find other people, so I have to play on expert settings. Still switching a bit back and forth with difficulty in my local games. Expert feels hard though. Without autohover I cant even land, with autohover the helicopter feels like in beginner mode. So I eather fly around and do nothing or I paticipate in the game with autohover and feel like cheating and not learning anything. I am really, really wanting to get my hands on the Kinect, when the adaption for the PC will be out. The SDK ist very substantial as I have seen it, and people have already started creating awesome game controls with it for different games. So I am quite sure, something like head tracking will be constructed with it. So I will just wait a short while untill I have one of those. I totally agree, that a head tracking device ist very, very usefull. Understood. Understood. I am afraid I am not getting this. I seem to get a feel for torque in hoversituations, caused by changes on the collective. I am experiencing a hard right turn as soon as I start moving forward, which does not seem to cease. My only chances so far are to keep on the left pedal all the time (which is a bad thing, as I have read) or to let my helicopter make the turn to the right, gaining speed and correcting it afterward with the cyclic. Yes, after the situation described above, I think I understood that as well. Again, thanks for any of your advices. Looking forward to meet anyone online and learning a new thing or two. Kind regards Lorgarn
  6. Thanks for your remaks, I will try to comment on them as good as I can. You have been using this analogy in the flight mechanics thread, and it seems quite logical to me. Using a little pendulum I also feel stopping the pendulum ist a bit difficult, but so far I fail to apply this mechanic to the helicopter. Perhaps that is because, from the helicopter I am viewing from the position of the little pendulum weight, so to speak. Well I am glad that to some degree one gains a certain knack or understanding to this by practice. Might take a while though ^^. I have tried some maneuvers on all three difficulty settings, and they feel a lot different. I think I am using the pedals totaly wrong. I can use them to spin the helicopter in hover, ok. I have to use them, when torque changes, mostly through a change on the collective, but I have an urge to counter the turning of the helicopter with the collective, so I guess I know what I have to do, I just need to train myself to do it. But I am completely clueles, when to use the pedals in forward flight, especially as I described when starting into forward movement from a hover. I am using no auto-trim in any difficulty setting. I have used the auto-hover in the training missions, and the campain. But I think I will never learn to do hovering, if I continue this way so I started practicing it. But I am far from being able to to something like picking up a slingeload without it so far. It really feels difficult. Uhm, thanks but...well, I so far I am not even getting down in one piece anywhere near the construction site, so at the moment I am completely clueles, how to even hit, those little landing spots. It is really hard for me, to have any visual confirmation on my position. I do not posess a head tracking device. I have finally found a niche configuration to rotate the view on some buttons on my flightstick, but still most of the time the cockpit seems to be in the way and on the other hand, I have to look back and forth, to keep the landing spot and my instruments in view (on expert at least). A question regarding landing: There are 4 kinds of touchdown: 1. Nice and slow, with no sound at all 2. A bit faster with a little bumping sound 3. A hard bump, with sound and some kind of alarm beeping (helicopter seems to be ok, though 4. Crashing / Flipping over. I am regarding 3 and 4 as false and 1 as right. What about option 2? And how much forward speed is acceptable when touching down? On the plus side, controlling speed feels a bit better. When I adjust my view, when bringing the nose up to reduce speed, I can keep track of my surroundings and I just does not feel like 'roling on my back' any more. I tried to fly along the runways of the airport. I can control my speed a little better now. Still no avail in following another helicopter ^^. Thanks for your help so far. I will keep practicing, and looking forward to any more tips, advices and comments. Kind regards Lorgarn
  7. Hello everyone, since there are many experienced players and even real life pilots in this forum I would like to ask for some advice on some standard maneuvers which I seem to fumble almost any time. Perhaps some details about me: The only background I have so far, is from 'simulation' games about 10 years ago. I have read though the Flight dynamics thread with great interest and started reading the rotorcraft flying handbook, linked in that thread. I am playing on trainee (so this is medium difficulty as i understand) so far. I am using a (hopefully) decent flightstick, the Logitech G940. I am playing take on helicopters for about a week now. 1. Getting into forward flight from hover I start from a stable hover, trying to get into forward movement. I push the cyclic just a bit and release it. The helicopter starts moving forward, everthing is fine untill I reach about 40 km/h. Then the helicopter gets into a hard right spin, which I counter with the left pedal. After a short while I finally get into a stable forward movement, usually a few degrees further to the right than intended. This is sufficient to get my helicopter on the way, but it feels wrong and unstable. I am experiencing this effect stronger in the medium and heavy helicopter, than in the light one. I feel almost no change of heading when raising or lowering the collectiv, which is due to the trainee difficulty I suppose. I have tried raising the collective while getting into forward movement as well as simply having a sufficient altitude and leaving the collectiv as it is. Following another aircraft I have huge troubles adjusting my speed to that of the craft I am following. Canges to my forward speed require huge movements with the cyclic, changeing the attitude of the helicopter in a huge way. I have watched almost every video in the videos section and alle those pilots seem to be able to change the forward speed of their helicopter without huge attitude changes. I seem to lack any feeling on how much attutude change results in what speed. Landing without taking bloody ages I am unsure how much downward speed the helicopter can take. Most of the time I try to avoid the sound the gear makes when touching down fast. But together with the increased effectiveness of the collective near ground level this sometimes takes really, really long. I have tried to touch down from a slight forward movement, which works better and feels more stable then a hover, but this is only working in open places, and in the light helicopter, for I can not find my landing point in the closed cockpits of the medium and heavy helicopter. The mystery of hovering No really. Without the auto hover function, I would not have completed the landing tutorial. I am getting used to it that far, that I can land the light helicopter, when I have a really large landing space, like Tacoma international. No luck on the other helicopters so far. I have no idea, how people get used to this without auto hover, or even keep a real life helicopter stable. I am sure, that much of that is simply experience and practice, but I seem to miss somthing important. I have tried to hover over a huge storehouse in my first attemps and noticed not even being over the same house after a while. I really need some hints on that one. Any idea or comment on this is greatly appreciated, as well as any suggestions how to specifically train those situations. If it helps and some people are willing to work this out with a almost total noob like me, I am willing to join or host multiplayer sessions. Perhaps someone can correct me, from the movement of the helicopter or the ciclic/collective/pedal movement in the cocpit. Kind regards Lorgarn
  8. Hello, I am using the Logitehc G940. No problems in configuring the axis an buttons so far. However, the flightstick has 8 buttons who can switch their backlight color regarding the state of the system, they are bound to. Logitech tells me, this can not be done in the Logitech profiler. So the game has to support this? Or can I configure this somewhere? Regards Lorgarn
  9. lorgarn

    (solved) 03 - The Cove

    Now I have figured it out... I was hovering over the whales I had videotaped previously. Thanks for the headsup. Simple case of 'user too stupid' Regards Lorgarn
  10. Hello, I am using the Logitech G940 flightstick with the game. I seached the forum and found many theads regarding setup issues with that flightstick, which I luckily did not experience. However, the flightstick features 8 backlit buttons, which are said to change color, regarding to the state of the system, they are bound to toggle. Logitech says, I can not configure this, in the Logitech Profiler. Nether did I find any configuration in the game. It is only a minor issue, but I would be cool, to make those things work. Does Take on Helicopters support this feature? Regards Lorgarn
  11. lorgarn

    (solved) 03 - The Cove

    Hello, I am also stuck at this. I have followed the boat. Then I found the whales and let Kelly make fancy pictures of those. After that I am told to look for more whales. I traveled to the marker and found them BUT, Kelly is not filming them. I flew around them from all angles. I flew low, I flew high. I flew directly above them, I kept some vertical distance to them, no avail. I am sure, that I am at the right koordinates, I can see the models of the whales in the water. Can't even scare them away, almost landed on one of them, but nothing happens. I do not see what to do here. Regards Lorgarn