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    Arma 3 Server monetization

    The terrible truth, in my eyes, is that Succesful monetising Servers have two things going for them. It could be an amazing and nice community that really makes the gameplay feel different and gives out a good vibe towards its members, which in return makes the members appreciate the service provided so much that they don't mind to hand over some cash in order to keep it going and support the Developers of that particular Community. The second one is Content, or rather bundled content. 98% of the time that content was not created by the developers or admins of the community but the users choose the Server or the Community for said Content. In some, now more often appearing cases, the content is not only the one created by this community itself but also other developers hard work, which then gets rebranded as the work of the group reciving the money from monetisation. Personaly i am totaly fine with Group A and i am sure no one inside the arma community holds a grudge against the people that want to have a small or even large group of players that support there community by offering cash to the hosting party. The only problem we are facing, as addon makers, is the community we enable to gain income beyond the point of covering server cost with our work, that might not get mentioned, or even get rebranded as there own product. Not everyone that Joins group A or B might be actively following the BI Forums or any other place where the shameless acts of some cashgrabbers get revealed, or they might not even care (since A3L is still doing fine internal and external content piracy must be alright for some players). With Monetisation we give Group A a little Badge of Honor for making clear that the developer of the Game they are covering is completly fine with them earning a little extra from the funds that are provided by the playersbase. In return we also give a temporary badge of honor to thiefs and liars that enrich themselves using the work of others. Surely these Servers can be reported.... but we will see about what happens when it happens. I would have released all my created content to the "core" that is hanging out here for years on end. Yes it might happen that some RPG Mod picks up the addon without asking and still use it on there server where they also gain cash with my work but the ammount of abusers would have been significantly less then the ammount that is out there right now. So surely as Terox explained before, if the admin / developer team is rewarded for providing better service that is fine with me. But if the admin / developer benefits from content they stole and rebranded where the service becomes irrelevant to some extent is where the problem sits right now, at least in my eyes.
  2. fluttershy

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Just wanted to give a little constructive Feedback after i saw the two differently textured M4 variants, please do not take it personal, this is mostly based on my personal experience and feedback i got a while back. The Paint itself looks a bit to "heavy" - or rather like it was applied to thick. Some areas recived Paint that the Shooter himself, would never paint. Such as the Trigger, charging handle or the Barrel. The scratches that were placed on the upper reciver are good, as they represent a realistic wear effect that comes over time on often touched part or in this case, parts that are in contact with clothing and equipment. Same goes for the front RIS that only has slight remarks of paint left on them. But other smaller areas like the bolt catch and fire-selector switch are missing this wear effect. The "cracking" effect that creates the hard dots on your camo look somewhat odd as i can not think of a real life technique other then snippets of masking tape to achive an effect like that. So that is what i had on my mind when i looked at the Screenshots, keep up the good work. And again, please don't take it personal, i am just sprinkling little bits of feedback and advices to people.
  3. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    We will most defenitly get back to you on that Spartan0536 - at least as soon as we have some boomsticks fully textured ingame. Gotta make sure the pretties have the appropriate... impact (awww jeah dat pun)
  4. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    kgino1045 was talking about the Rail, DD stand for Daniel Defense, aka. the Rail used on Block 1 and Block 2 Mk 18s. Or Bustsize.... i would love a nice double D inside the pack. @KGB_Helljumper Yes we are and there will be.
  5. fluttershy

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Sadly 10bag is right, without the effort of a curtain group it is highly unlikely A3L will cease function. They will surely not stop on there own as apperently installing mods and porting illegaly accured content appears to be some kind of crazy money printing machine. If you would be an audacious bastard with no regards to moral or the work of other people and could earn a boatload of money and fame for that, i doubt you would cease your actions either. Therefor without forcing them to cease what they are doing, having them stop on there own is a delusional fever dream.
  6. fluttershy

    Petition to Disqualify Epoch Mod from the MANW Contest

    I can understand the team wanting there mod to be played as they intended it in the first place. Preventing the Gameplay to steer to far from its original root is not necesserily a good thing, as it limits the larger scope of what can be done with the base system, but in the end it is there choice to make, no one elses. Why have they put in something like the CRC Check? - i can only guess that they do not appreciate people modifing there work (for better or worse) out of former experiance with such modified versions. They simply do not want that to happen again, and as a creator i can understand that. I would falcon punch everyones groin that would unpack our pbo to make yet another shitty reskin but now with different models. Guess i will have to contact them and get that nasty CRC checker for our addon too ^^ You say that "3rd Parties must be allowed to make changes to the mod for private use" As soon as you go public and place it on a server that can be access by anyone and have anyone able to download the derivative version, it is no longer private, legaly.
  7. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    I will just put it out there. Our Team is looking for reenforcements. Surely there is a lot of talented individuals inside these Forums. Due to several of our team-members having to spend significantly more time in there actual lifes then anticipated we would like to slightly enlarge our developement team. Though your skillset itself will not matter as much, since our main focus is a good chemistry between our members. You will, upon beeing invite, go trough a small trial periode as we think it is best for you and us to test the water and see if your ideas of a modteam and our workflow align correctly. Please understand that we will only invite 1 trail member at a team to enable us to really work with that person. First come first served, we will, if we recive multiple PMs work trough the list based on the time the message was sent to us. Nothing personal about you really matters, apart from the ability to speak and write understandable english (jeah i can barely write understandable english myself). Beeing able to speak english and understand it is also important as we bi-regularly hold small meetings inside Skype that include Group-calls. If you are interisted in becoming part of this team, and find yourself in one of the descriptions below (or even multiple) send me a PM and we will sort out the details. · Assisting Texture Artist You are fluent in a Layer-based image-editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop? Can get into very detailed work and arn't scared to ask for help when you are stuck? As part of our texture team you are responsible for the final touches to our assets to make them come alive. You will create all texture maps needed for A3 assets following a already worked out design direction. You will recive most of the needed materials from the asset creator as well as other needed 2d assets from the lead artist. If you have real hatred towards multi terrain gradient based camouflage patterns that is also a great plus. · Asset Creator 3D Organic You like polygons? The pretty four vertex ones? Then we can enable you to let the creativity run through you. As an asset creator in our organic section you create... organic surfaces (duh) such as Clothing or equipment used by the Soldiers we are recreating in this addon. If you are able to generate high-polygon models and even sculpt that would be a big plus. We do not put hard restrictions onto the process of asset creation since the creativity and viewpoint of the creator is the most important thing to have something like realistic in the end. You are the connection between the teammembers as your work is essential to the follow up processes and is a big part to achive an overall good quality. · Asset Creator 3D Mechanical It could be made of Aluminum, stainless steel or polymer but you can work it out right? Our mechanical 3D artists are responsible to make the pretty boomsticks we can not get enough of. The work you are doing is not to different from the organic one, apart from the objects you are creating. As some people feel more comfortable with one or another, or might not have been able to gather experience inside one of the fields, we splitt it up. When creating mechanical assets you have a lot of numbers to go by and are often presented with extremly accurate references that you should be able to follow and translate into a 3d object. Since most platforms are versatile it is also up to you to decide on the particular setup you would like to have implemented. As it is the vision and ideas of a creator that set the 582nd M4 apart from the other ones that were already created by others and add a unique feeling to it that goes beyond a custom sound or animation. So what awaits you inside this SOCMOD: A mature, if we have to be, crazy and funny, if we can be, group of individuals from arround the globe with an almost 24/7 online coverage. We are comprised of mostly inactive and active military service members who all served in infantry based structures, apart from the one guy that is almost infantry. We always help out our team-members, even if the matter might not be an issue with the software they are using (vets understand). We are constantly expanding our technical and creative understanding while still keeping it to a "hobby" level. Shit we ain't gettin paid so we might as well move at our own pace and do what we want. Since we are mostly self-learning new techniques to improve our final assets we also tutor each other or fix problems in files we did not create ourselves. We are neither political nore religiouse but we joke about both topics, no mama jokes though!
  8. As far as my research went Scorpion 2 is similar to OCP in the basic Setup and is a 25'' by 60'' repeating pattern. In size it is a little larger then the current OCP. As i already said, the best way to start is get into some gamedev tutorials for textures. This one for example: / dont mind that it doesnt have anything todo with arma or military assets, this is just to give you a basic mindest of texture work in game developement and some insight in the "why" of some techniques. Things like Logos and patterns fall under the point of single asset creation, which comes after deciding on an art direction (to create all assets similar and have a set workflow)After that, feel free to add me on Skype and i can answer you a couple of questions as you go.
  9. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Everytime Multicam, OCP or any type of Gradient multi-terrain pattern is requested in this thread a seal gets clubbed. Oh and here is a WIP Image so you do not feel so lonely and know at least one part of what we are working on, apart from the things you already know and saw, which are for the most part beeing rework as you read this (unless you read it while mr meat, myself or warlord sleep - which is almost impossible) http://i.imgur.com/fRWm1N5.jpg
  10. fluttershy

    Question About LOD (level of detail)

    Yes it is, if you simply use the same LOD for 2 different sets. Like LOD 2 beeing the same model as LOD 3, or LOD 1 beeing the same as LOD 0.
  11. First you would need a Layer-based Photoediting program, because it is free and offers all features needed for texturing i advise to use GIMP. (Because if you "borrow" Photoshop from the internet like these other unedjucated fuckwitts i will find your house and burn it to the ground, if you are looking to buy a license for it, your current beginners skillset would not justify the use of Photoshop over GIMP) There already is several templates out to use for reskins but i would advise against using them as they are below average and have a very poor amount of detail when it comes to the individual selections. There is a couple of retexturing tutorials inside the forums, the most popular one comes from Scarecrow398 - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148130-Arma3-Characters-Modding-Tutorial&p=2331073&viewfull=1#post2331073 Though i would advise you to not only get the _co to work inside GIMP but also the NOHQ as it is a more clean untextured variant once you turned it into a greyscale. Then you can look at the _co file and identify the individual areas and materials. There is a couple of other things rather important to retextures that about 99.55% miss, like the fabric breaking the pattern on seams amongst other things. The work itself is rather entry level but requires some basic understanding of the GIMP basic toolset, like layer masks, pentool and what not. Though it is still fairly simple, because you are not working from scratch and most work is done by the maps anyway. Again, if you are looking to buy a Photoshop CC License, don't, the Toolsets needed for texturing work without additional software are the same in both programs. EDIT: Forgot to add, though obviouse, there is a lot of videotutorials on the tubes that you can watch for an introduction to texture work in game developement that might help you to get the right mindest, i personaly always look at the object and how it is build, different pieces of fabric, the particular fabric used and so on.
  12. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Unless i can stop my team from dropping the MC bomb on our work. Damn dumbass gradient shizzlefizzles patterns. Reguarding Scorpio 2 or what its called, there is hardly any images online, so a recreation, like for our AOR1 and 2 as well as Woodland won't be an option. Also, to be the nitpicky german i am... BDU is a cut, "Battle Dress Uniform" the pattern used on our current MARSOC Unfirom Models is ERDL Woodland. Just like it is tri-color desert on DCUs (Desert Combat uniform) and UCP (universal camo pattern) on ACU cut Uniforms. VOTE NOW! STOP MULTICAM FROM TAKING OVER THE TEXTURES! And don`t worry, with how it is going at the moment, we might need some more time on the MARSOC Uniforms before moving forward to Seals and Green Berets. All for the better though, at least we think so.
  13. I don't really have a problem with these particular teams in mind. Sadly we have 0 intel on how many of thoose are there to begin with. I know several teams had a solid version to show for and based of the ammount of "not uploaded correctly" claims i would say its rather a BI mistake. They could have just contacted the groups and told them what was wrong about it instead of opening it up publicly. It is still more fishy then it should be considering the amount overall. Though some of the listed addons and mods appear nowhere near as finished as other submitted projects. Since incompetence can only go so far i am pretty sure its a combination of teams simply not having uploaded anything or, as in the RHS case, the files went into a deep black hole of no return.
  14. Most if not all of the mod community do there work for free because they enjoy it. That is why most modders and teams choose there own topics. Dont get me wrong, the incentive to be compensated for the work itself is nice and all but might not create seriouse responses. I will just analyse what you are asking for and give you a heads up on how much work needs to be put into it so you know more indepth what you are asking for. 1: Lets say 4 different Unfirom sets, done correctly each individually modeled. 4 Lowpolys, 4 Highpolys, 4 texture sets including maps, Weighing 4 Models // around 4 weeks of work for someone doing it in there off-time, but only if the person can do all steps himself and doesnt need a secondary or third guy to do any of the steps for him. 2: Lets say 8 different sets of Helmets, as above, all in high and lowpoly with individual texture sets, though the weighing does not need to be done. // arround 2 weeks of work in off-time 3: The retextures would be fairly simple, given that you have a good clean Scorpio 2 pattern at hand, which we dont. The created Platecarrier would need to be weighted as well // arround 1 week off-time 4: Again, fairly simple but not good-looking without the pattern. // 4 days 5: Full weapon model, including at least a reload animation, low and highpoly and some config work. // 3 weeks off-time So overall you are asking for about 10 weeks +-1 of work in total. Now considering that you are, as stated, picky, the quality needs to be rather high. Yes there is teams and individuals able to do everything you requested, but its is unlikely they will divert 10 weeks of there time and off there own projects in order to realize this for you. The best choice would be to learn everything, or at least half of the needed steps yourself. Thanks to the fact that this is a rather helpful community, getting tipps and support by other modders is highly likely, especially if you are looking to do something more then just reskins.
  15. Jeah sure go ahead an punish the people that were able to read the rules and uploaded there stuff correctly and in time..... I am very curtain that delivering something workable, correctly and in-time is something worth taken into consideration. Then again, its not like the gaming industry is lately known to release fine and workable titles on day 1.
  16. fluttershy

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Yes the used effect and washed out pattern was and is our design decision on the woodland uniforms.
  17. fluttershy

    US Army 2035

    I am just going to throw in some ideas of how i would think the consideration for a modern replacement for the M4 would look like in 2035. I guess accepting STANAGs will be important, as well as staying the the 5.56 caliber. Since introducing a new weaponsystem is very expansive, based on the size of your military branches, beeing able to keep as much equipment as possible is a rather important point. You will also look at multiple version of the same platform for different areas of operation. Such as the current M16/M4 Family. Maybee the best step is to use on of the several tools aviable online to build your own concept of assault rifle and carbine plattforms and go from there. The advantage you get from that is, no one can tell you something is off or not right, since the concept is yours and you are not taking direct reference to an existing system.
  18. fluttershy

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Yes the Vehicle names fall under Fair-use as there ingame representation is fairly accurate, thanks to several racing games who "borrowed" there models and surely gave permission to both, A3L and C3L to go ahead and offer copyrighted material for free.
  19. fluttershy

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    I personaly used to sit inside the doorway when our UH-1H was "empty", i used a regular downhill shooting position. My regular shooter preferred to use his Backpack as Supporting Platform.
  20. fluttershy

    Syrian Army Units - WIP

    You might want to look into the license RHS used to release there addon, the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License to be precise. Please make sure to not create Derivs of there original work. What i mean is, the derivs in the textures you created to make them fit more into the overall theme of this addon. If you still want to use them as you are showing them, i think contacting RHS directly could help with that.
  21. fluttershy

    Marine Expeditionary Force Mod

    Congratulations Mattastic on your first released addon. Due to your description and claims i would like to add some constructive criticism that i have noticed on your addon. With your claim to offer a professional solution i think these point are more then valid. - Your Camo patterns stretch across all surfaces without any type of breakup on seams or pockets. - None of the Maps have been adjusted to the _co texture so the Kneepads and Elbow pads still appear as Polymer material while having the different patterns placed on them. - Any type of fabric visualisation is apperently abscent on the _co texture - No stitches are visible - No USMC Logo was found on the pattern while investigating ingame Overall i can see why people would mark this as a generic reskin, even though there has been a lot of work put into the overall functionality the textures are, at there current state, no where near the claim you have put out. Yes your textures are "clean" but to the point where not only dirty and weathering has been removed, but any detail of the fabric was erased with a giant repeating MARPAT pattern. Please do not take this post the wrong way, i know that such criticism can look like a bash or plainly dishonoring the work you put in, but that is not the case on my end. As i read in your messages, you are looking for something more then the average reskin and look to deliver something better and "done right", that is why i am offering up some guidelines.
  22. Congrats on the release! Must have been a huge pile of work, but it really pays out to see good old maps in A3 to add some much needed diversity.
  23. fluttershy

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Yes your funds go back to the community that approves of content theft, license and copyright infringements. Of course other terrible individuals will try to profit from that, since the developer is apperently not giving a damn about what people do with the base game, even if includes the incorporation of 3rd party developers copyright protected work, masked as the amazing work of your "developers" that are either to blind to see the obviouse rips from other games or simply don`t have any creative ethics that prevent them from talking about the huge pile of bs that is going on. Yes our work as community has accomplished very little, because without the support of the developer or massive funds to push a lawsuit, our only option is to make people aware of this abomination your team has created. Not reading or fully knowing about the license does not mean that breaking it is fine. You are in the luck that BI does not care about there own licenses enough to pursuit your community of thief supporting one eyed players that love the content stealing you are doing so much that they literaly throw there wallets at you to steal even more content from other developers in and outside of this community. I would be pleased if you would remove all the stolen content and content by community authors that publicly mentioned they did not want to be a passive part of your terrible community. After that is done is would be indifferent about having your version of an RPG adaptation arround. Though the fact that you still did everything you did still stands. Yes your developer team should go to prison, not a virtual one, but the actual thing. But since you are still defending yourself and the A3L Team just shows that even with crushing evidence of your massive infrigements you will continue to do business as usual. The money people "donate" towards you gives you any right to keep going with your theft and BS towards the community of this and all other games you "borrowed" assets from. In the end the question if you feel any kind of shame is answered by your actions.
  24. I am pretty sure that, if you contact the Swedish armed forces team they will be happy to help in case of the AK5C. Then again, almost any addon maker that knows how to implement weapons would help if you asked nicely via PM (does not include me, i have people for that ^^)
  25. fluttershy

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    There is a request thread for that Tango.... Really like the implemented Helmet Cover, did you do it via Normal map - and how did you get the bending of the mesh right?