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  1. When using createVehicle array there is no preceding string argument.

    _heli1 = createVehicle ["[font=Verdana]B_MH9_F[/font]", getMarkerPos "heli1sp", [], 0, "NONE"];

    I assume vehicle.sqf is the vehicular respawn script?

    Well you are using it wrong.


    [color=#EEEEEE][[/color]_heli1[color=#EEEEEE], 5, 1000] execVM "vehicle.sqf";

  2. (Sorry for the late reply..)

    Profiles are kept.

    The selected mods aren't saved.They must be selected (added) each time the application is launched.

    The parameters as -noSplash etc ARE saved to each profile-so i guess (not a solution/but workaround until you fix it :) ) if i manually place the mods via parameters window -noSplash -mod=@IloveBooze..i bet it should work.

    Now that is very odd, could you perhaps upload your profiles/presets?.

    On another front i have added A2 CO support to the application that you can instantly switch to.

    As-well as a WiP mod installer that allows you drag a zip file of a addon onto the application and it will be sorted and installed just like it should.


    You click the A3/A2 icon to switch between them.

  3. I would have died from old age or boredom before I figured out that one. So you use "call compile" when you have some code in a format statement that you need to actually run. Yeah making the company name a string should have been obvious. A third mistake I was making that you helped with was I was using format and createVehicle like this:

    format["%1", _x] = "RoadCone" createVehicle (getPos player);

    which gave errors instead of your way with format wrapped around the entire statement. I still don't know why that gives errors though. I think it should work!

    So thanks a lot. You helped with three different things. I'm on a marathon right now and this will keep me from being bogged down.

    The reason why that wouldent work is the fact it would be

    "STRINGHERE" = "RoadCone" createVehicle (getpos player) .

    format returns a string

    compile takes a string and turns it into a {} (code boject)

    call well.. executes a code object.

    No problem by the way.

  4. try call compile format["%1 = 'RoadCone' createVehicle (getPos player)",_x];

    instead of _x = "RoadCone" createVehicle (getPos player);

    Edit: Make the variable a string too.

    so HQ_ARRAY = ["COMPANY_1_HQ"];

    Putting a variable in a array like that just grabs the value of it and stuffs it into the array.

    Pretty logical infact.

    Anyway previous example should work.

  5. It is the new Mod CIA_SAD. I had correctly places it into the A3 folder as an @XXXX but it did not appear in the selection area for available mods. Another suggested I add it to an existing/working mod folder. I had hope to keep it in it's own but it works now. Thanks.

    Could you either list how the folder structure or screenshot the folder and every folder inside it


  6. Tell me what mods arent showing up in the list and how their internal directory looks.

    ---------- Post added at 22:35 ---------- Previous post was at 22:30 ----------

    Does the game still launch through Steam?


    Thanks for the Mod. Question, would you know why some mods don't show up in the mod selection area?

    Tell me what mods aren't showing up in the list and how their internal directory looks.

  7. ARMA3/2 Launcher

    A launcher built on the idea of less bloat the better.

    It supports both A2CO and A3 as well as external addon folders for pain free storage of addons.

    I also think its pretty. :)

    Tip: Click the A3/A2 logo to switch between games.

    Have fun!

    http://i.imgur.com/v1PdruT.png (833 kB)

    Another image of when the launcher is in A2 mode here.


    ========== Fix

    Fix: Launcher would not start until versioncheck completed, moved to seperate thread. Fixes

    Fixed: Unable to launch with beta (CO) Update

    Fix:Presets now retain paramaters without mods.

    Fix:Steam users would launch OA, added Arma2 path for that.

    Feature:Settings menu added, Cogwheel icon in the top right.

    Feature:Now support addional/external addon folders.

    Some presets may be rendered inoperable, remake them. Update

    Presets can now be saved without a description.

    Now supports Arma 2 CO(only) ,click the ARMA 2/3 logo to switch between them.

    Now supports a sort of installer for mods inside, extremely WIP, See SPECIAL SECTION Initial release.

    Download : http://bit.ly/headlaunch

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