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  1. Say if you wanted that Quad to have some men driving it, how would you do that? I'm trying to spawn a Ifrit HMG off this but with men inside it. I got the vehicle to spawn with this

    _car ="O_Ifrit_MG_F" createVehicle (position Spawnpoint);

    yet noone inside it, I used search and could not find it. This is my first post because I have looked far and wide for it.

    for that you need http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit

  2. Agree, target yes, should be pretty handy, but persistent? It is an event handler you want it to fire when the event occurred, not sometime after when someone else is connecting, you can always use BIS_fnc_MP for it.

    True, i was more thinking about non MP eventhandlers really.

    player addMPEventHandler [eventname,function,target]

    [font=sans-serif]object [/font][b]addEventHandler [type, function,target,[/b][b]isPersistent[/b][b]][/b]

  3. Good point. This is why code in global EH should be changed to function name since we now have compileFinal. I suppose it will be easier for BIS to make a couple of new event handler commands instead of messing with the old ones, something like

    addMPEventHandler [eventname, function name];

    This is a good idea. make it work like bis_fnc_mp in regards to that too. allow us to choose target.

    [b]player addMPEventHandler [eventname,function,target,isPersistent][/b]

    bis_fnc_spawn and bis_fnc_execVM should also be removed.

  4. I am having problems with this addons signature. We are testing signature checks on our servers and i get kicked after ~10 seconds on the server when running fa_stance 1.2.

    This is the message in the server log:

    If i use "ban" on this server config line, it will ban me for using Fa_stance (1.2), so it seems something "tampered" with the signature..

    "onHackedData = "ban (_this select 0)"; // tampering of the signature detected"

    Try with this key.


  5. Thanks guys. I fixed the problems but the crate still appears to be empty. Any ideas?


    _rdm = round ((random 1)5);

    _box =_this select 0;

    if (_rdm == 1) then


    _box additemcargo ["itemMap",1];


    if(_rdm == 2) then


    _box additemcargo ["Binocular",1];


    if(_rdm == 3) then


    _box additemcargo ["itemGPS",1];


    if(_rdm == 4) then


    _box additemcargo ["itemFirstAidKit",1];


    if (_rdm == 5) then


    _box addweaponcargo ["arifle_MXM_Base_F",1];

    _box addmagazineCargo ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer ",1];



    Read my post again....

  6. _rdm = round ((random 1)5);

    i assume its meant to be

    _rdm = round (random 5)

    if (_rdm = 1) then 

    Here you are assign _rdm to 1, you want to compare it to 1 with the == syntax


     if(_rdm == 1) then


    This is a base class, you should not use it, use "arifle_MXM_F"

    Wrong magazine. Should be "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer" or "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"

    Also remember to try and understand what we're pointing out and if you need any help understanding what i just told you ,ask away this way to will never have to come back asking the same questions

  7. Nice version.

    But there is a bug/issue with this addon, which i had since v1.1

    When you change into a "higher,lower" or "left,right" stance of standing, crouching or prone, the addon has a small delay (1 second) before it refreshes the

    arrow markers. Problem is, when you start moving within this delay, it won't update the arrows and will stay in the "old" stance indicator mode until you stop moving and stand still for a short moment.

    Next to this issue, your addon is nearly perfect!

    This is how the addon saves some resources by only changing when the stance chances. The "lag" is due to the transition animation.

    I'l look into it for the next version.