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  1. Hello everyone!


    Swifty is not dead,  I am well underway to the best version of Swifty ever!


    Featuring a completely rewritten client and backend. that means faster and more stable updates, including new easier configuration options for repository hosts including optional mods and much more!


    Join me at the Swifty Discord and help test!


    PS,  this update will not replace Swify 2.0 but there will be no further updates




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  2. Swifty does not load one of our repositories correctly:

    On every start it re-loads a part of our mods, but everytime with different filesizes.

    Some of our clan have the problem, some not.


    We´ve got two servers with an identic modset, even the copying of files from the correct loaded server#1 to server#2 repository data-folder (on harddisc) will not fix this problem.

    I repeat: The modsets are identical, but the second one creates the reloading situation everytime we start swifty.

    Suggestions anybody?

    Hey there man, if you jump onto our discord, we can hopefully sort you out ;)

  3. Hey, just want to let you know that your Website is marked as spam and blocked by some antivirus providers like  Bitdefender. I'm sure it's a false positive, but you should contact them to get it unblocked .  :)

    I also get warning about Trojans after a scan on setup file:

    AegisLab Adwareare.Browsefox.Gen!c 20160612

    Ikarus Trojan.MSIL.Crypt 20160612

    I have contacted bitdefender.


    thanks fro the report.

  4. Can optional mods be added to the repositories by the hoster? 

    Not yet.


    Is there a command line version of swifty for updating mods on gameserver?

    Not yet.

    Is there a linux version of repocreator process?

    Use mono.

    Is there any problem with clients to have multiple repositories with same mods stored to the same download location. Will this cause conflicts?

    If you setup it up correctly no.

  5. A FTP sync feature is maybe not possible to implement in Swifty, but maybe you can add a parameter to patchcreator where you additionally generate the changed and additional files to a separate folder inclusive the folder structure of the source (.\@mod\addons\file.pbo). Then I can upload the content of this seperate folder completely to the webspace via FTP. Deleted files is a bit tricky, but you can output it as log info of patchcreator and then I know which files I have to delete on the webspace.

    If you keep the ouput folder between updates, swifty wont replace the non modified files ;)



    Another question: Is there a special cause why the application needs Administrator rights to the runtime? It is a little bit annoying if the UAC pops up every time.

    If I see it correct, it is a .NET application which is installed to your windows user profile. IMO these rights are not necessary.



    Answered on github.

  6. Sry my english is a bit shoddy ... but in the youtube video you tell us one way of adding a repo to the client via the Create Repo screen. That screen is at this time of writing a bit, in lack of better words, daunting for some users with what looks to be quite a number of fields to fill out.

    The suggestion from my side was to eliminate as many fields as possible making it look and feel easier to add a new repo for the user. More making it look more like the Import procedure ... kinda like this: Create -> paste url -> done.

    If then someone wants to do more advanced stuff (90% of our player base wont touch a single additional thing) like change the repo display name, default addon folder and stuff or whatever it can be done by pressing the cogwheel once it's added.

    This is from my point of view and just a humble suggestion. Not requesting stuff in any way or form, so take what you will from it :)


    Oh, copy that. I've always put my mods in the Arma folder since back in the day. I didn't even know it was possible using the Documents folder as one of the default places to have them in. You learn something new every day, indeed :)


    Thanks for all the answers, I'll keep fiddling with Swifty and subscribe to the thread.

    No worries mate.

    Also yes, what you described have been discussed and planned for regarding the import screen, we just discussed it in discord the other day.

  7. * Imo, and if possible, when setting up the repo or repos for the first time as a player ... having something more in line of the Import screen would be a better choice instead of the quite daunting Create-screen. This also goes well with if FTP isn't to be used anymore like the YouTube-video hints since many of the fields wont even be used anymore. The name is supplied by repo.config so that seems a bit redundant to fill in just to get started. It's better to let the repo admins be able to set a set of defaults and let those who want to change stuff have the option to do it after the repo is created rather than requiring everyone to do it.


    Not too sure what you mean, when using import skip the create screen?


    * The default addon folder on each repo gets defaulted to the Documents folder if left blank, but isn't it rather standard to have mods installed into your "Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\"-folder directly? From my PoV it would be better to use the Arma 3 folder found in the general settings

    as a default folder and for those who wants to have them elsewhere they can click the browse button. The less required input the better :)

    No, i don't consider placing mods inside the Arma 3 folder a standard in any way.


    * Is there some way to synchronize folders over for instance ftp? Right now it seems like the only way to make sure you don't have any old files on the server is to delete and start uploading again.

    I personally generate my updates on the server.

    The patchcreator works both on windows and linux using mono ( ensure you have latest version ).

    But i understand your pain, in the future i plan to implement a feature that cleans the output folder afterwards and thus you could use something like rsync or alike application to sync the repos.

    I can tell you this aside size concerns the old files aren't dangerous in any way.

    * Having multiple repos with different userconfig-folders is a bit of a battle. Right now the different repos battle it out and deletes stuff every time something is updated. Having the option to ignore other already existing folders would be a good thing.

    Agreed, this feature was lost during a rewrite, I'll make a point to add it.


    * Launch option for use with multiple repos. Our group has a main repo that is needed for everyone that joins, but also an optional client side repo and there's no option I can find to launch the game with both main and client repo. Maybe a tickbox in the upper left corner of the repo-logo could be one way to go?

    Optional addons are on my todo list.

    For now, you can add the repo folder to the external addons folders list and you will be able to use repo settings -> mods to enable them for the main repo.

    Thanks for your interest.

  8. .eJwFwQEOgyAMAMC_8ABqqxXxNwQZmqgltMuyLPu




    Swifty aims to be a simple and no-hassle mod updater for Arma 3 communities.

    It doesn't try to do everything, but instead tries to be intuitive for end-users, with short time-to-play, less buttons to press and less confusing menus.

    Rather than a common mod repository, it relies on communities to host their own, thus allowing their administrators to maintain control over updates.



    In the background, Swifty employs delta patching and caching to make mod updates faster.
    Once cached, a repository of nearly 25 GBs can be diagnosed in a second or two.


    Deep pbo inspection and patching

    Go deeper, Swifty compares every file inside the pbos to save on both space and timefor your users.

    Only edited one file and need to update, don’t fret Swifty gives you 1:1 on the updates.


    Your own conditions

    Community administrators who spend their free time maintaining a repository will surely appreciate the freedom of pushing updates when it suits you and your group best.







    Guide to setup a repository

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  9. Thanks. Funny thing, then I take script from this mission - it works, spectator launches, but then I take contents of "spect" folder from the last framework version and replace the mission ones - my mission simply ends on players death. At the same time all corresponding lines in the description.ext are identical, I've checked. Maybe, mission author have made some changes in spectator scripts? Or used some old version, I don't know.

    Found the proper issue.

    Append Seagull to the RespawnTemplates[] = {};