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  1. Try changeing "creategroup west" to creategroup east; since opfors team is east.
  2. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Update just went out. enjoy! http://baystation12.net/head/ CHANGELOG ========== Update Fix:Presets now retain paramaters without mods. Fix:Steam users would launch OA, added Arma2 path for that. Feature:Settings menu added, Cogwheel icon in the top right. Feature:Now support addional/external addon folders. Some presets may be rendered inoperable, remake them. Update Presets can now be saved without a description. Now supports Arma 2 CO(only) ,click the ARMA 2/3 logo to switch between them. Now supports a sort of installer for mods inside, extremely WIP, See SPECIAL SECTION Initial release.
  3. for that you need http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit
  4. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Fixed that bug, new version should be out shortly,if all goes well.
  5. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Hey there, still working on this next version will feature the ability to change A2/A3 paths without messing with other stuff, aswell as loading addons from elsewhere then the default A2/A3 folder.
  6. Depends how many units he has running about.
  7. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Could i get the entire error please?
  8. As a fellow sweeeed, thank you for this awesome addon. Really loving it.
  9. headswe


    Hah , no thank you, finally nailed that issue. Updateing zip files!
  10. True, i was more thinking about non MP eventhandlers really. player addMPEventHandler [eventname,function,target] [font=sans-serif]object [/font][b]addEventHandler [type, function,target,[/b][b]isPersistent[/b][b]][/b]
  11. This is a good idea. make it work like bis_fnc_mp in regards to that too. allow us to choose target. [b]player addMPEventHandler [eventname,function,target,isPersistent][/b] bis_fnc_spawn and bis_fnc_execVM should also be removed.
  12. headswe


    Try with this key. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3676056/FA_stance.pbo.head.fastance.bisign
  13. Arent we tierd of US,USMC yet?, feels like they are in every game now days.
  14. They just fixed it.. with compileFinal
  15. Hit damaged eventhandlers are local to the player. Try http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Event_Handlers#MPHit
  16. headswe

    Ammo type suggestion

    Or just put what mag they are for in the descrption, But then again its quite easy to tell between the MX and the Katiba.
  17. headswe

    Delete item after action ?

  18. installscript oddly holds the install script. Aka the steps that you must complete before starting the game.. DirectX,registry stuff. Nothing wrong with it.
  19. headswe

    Spawns / slots for side

    Place 64 blufor units with playable on. Set disable ai in the description.ext
  20. _rdm = round ((random 1)5); i assume its meant to be _rdm = round (random 5) if (_rdm = 1) then Here you are assign _rdm to 1, you want to compare it to 1 with the == syntax so if(_rdm == 1) then arifle_MXM_Base_F This is a base class, you should not use it, use "arifle_MXM_F" Wrong magazine. Should be "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer" or "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag" Also remember to try and understand what we're pointing out and if you need any help understanding what i just told you ,ask away this way to will never have to come back asking the same questions
  21. headswe


    This is how the addon saves some resources by only changing when the stance chances. The "lag" is due to the transition animation. I'l look into it for the next version.
  22. headswe


    I hope. Finding information for keys and such is hard.