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    SQMEdit V0.1

    Aye, and i managed to complete omit it from the topic, right clicking a group will give you the option to make them all playable.
  2. headswe

    SQMEdit V0.1

    I managed to drop it while cross posting, added ;)
  3. Hey there!, i configed these a while ago, will be sure to getting it making sure it gets fixed, Thanks. (There was no += when i wrote the flashbangs for SFP) EDIT: I just saw that i had staged this change a few days ago but forgot to commit, done that now so it be there for the next update.
  4. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    As far as i remember, this is caused by "spamming" the launch button. Anyway working on my new launcher. Main Screen: http://i.gyazo.com/fc1efc5e9d60cf4115ad5eab33dc852e.png http://i.gyazo.com/b932ee80f63476b80d280896f4b5eb92.gif (278 kB)
  5. headswe

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Holy shit, some logic in this thread!.
  6. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Ah yes. Still really need to get A2 beta tested.
  7. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    You'd have to insert a custom game sadly. In a bit of a need of testers for the launcher. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2qxxi7ae28b5k2z/Debug.rar Mostly i just wanna test remove mods after being deleted from the mod-folder and A2 beta.
  8. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Hey guys!, sorry for be a away. Anyway , working on a new version.. Fixed, Crash on network connect. Fixed , Unable to remove mods if they were removed from game folder before the preset. Also any feature requests while im at it?
  9. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    I never had this problem?, it works fine. even without a internet connection.
  10. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Update Fix Fix: Launcher would not start until versioncheck completed, moved to seperate thread. All links should still work, launcher will also alert you to the fact. http://bit.ly/headlaunch
  11. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    Does this file exist?.
  12. Don't put controls {} because then you override "Group" controls so class Group2:Group { x = 342 y = 012 };
  13. try rising or lowering engineShiftY = -0.11 The reason it cuts out is because the engine is leaving the water thus unable to produce trust.
  14. f_cam_camera = "camera" camCreate [position player select 0,position player select 1,2]; f_cam_camera cameraEffect["internal", "BACK"]; f_cam_camera camSetTarget player; f_cam_curTarget = player; f_cam_camera camCommit 0; drawIcon3D ["\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\o_unknown.paa", [1,1,1,1],getpos cursorTarget, 1, 1, 45, "Target", 1, 0.05, "TahomaB"]; in the draw3D eventhandler. tried text only, didn't work either, works perfectly fine in default player view Edit: Its most likely my dialog causing this.
  15. This is apparently possible in VBS http://manuals.bisimulations.com/vbs2/2-00/devref/#Adding_Models/How_to/AMHT_Physx.htm
  16. headswe

    Error Zero Divisor

    I assume you are using the Fired eventhandler?, standard A3 or CBA?
  17. headswe

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

    Pretty sure AAF stands for Altis Armed Forces.
  18. I also had that second error, it was caused by me calling bis_fnc_endMission twice.
  19. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableSaving Victory?
  20. We had this issues as well, i wonder if its possible to test if there a certain side that causing the problem Would be interesting to see a mission with only blufor/opfor/indy would also crash?
  21. This happen when you use time acc...
  22. headswe

    A3 Launcher

    From what i understand, this is not a problem on my end, but rather A3/Steam
  23. headswe

    No NVG's for helocopter pilots?

    so in short that code does if unit have nvgoogles remove them add them what?
  24. First error is not ours. are you running dev?