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  1. When I'm running YAAB my CPU 1st core&GPU activities rarely go above 50%, other CPU cores stay relatively quiet the entire time as is expected from most videogames, disk read activity however is massive which leads me to believe that the bottleneck lies in the HDD in this particular situation, if I'm just flying around on an empty map the bottleneck is my GPU and disk read activity is limited.


    I understand my system is rather old by now and has never exactly been high end, but naturally I'm still looking to increase my performance, an SSD is a relatively cheap investment compared to a mobo+CPU combo after all.

  2. Just posting if it may help others, I gained some five FPS more by moving my pagefile from my relatively poor performance OS disk to another higher performance HDD, I also overclocked my northbridge some more which seemed to help.

  3. I see, I wonder if distributing the files over the 3 drives I have would help? Storing modfolders on different drives is easy and I guess i could mklink some pbos to other drives, although that might make managing the game a major hassle

  4. I've been tinkering with A3 performance for a while now and I'm led to the conclusion that I have a rather severe HDD bottleneck, running YAAB I get ~15 fps no matter if I'm on low or ultra preset and my CPU and GPU usage are around 50%, that is single core usage for the CPU, and resource monitor tells me there's massive read activity going on on my HDD, prior to the 64 bit patch my RAM usage was around 95% and after the patch it remains around 95% with no change in performance, the only difference is that now arma itself is using the RAM instead of the windows prefetch service.


    This is a rather annoying issue, while I get pretty good frames in short missions long or large missions eventually grind to a slowdown, are there any steps I could take to reduce HDD read activity? An SSD would be an obvious solution and I will probably buy one somewhere in the future.



    Phenom II 960T @ 3.8GHZ

    GTX 660

    8GB RAM

  5. The british NLAW AT weapon is the best one in the game, locks quick, kills anything and its ammo only takes 3 blocks in the inventory, but seeing as the weapon in real life is single-use, i think the ammo should use 6 blocks of the inventory like other single-use launchers such as javelin in the game do.

  6. Hello, i have both ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 OA, combined operations worked fine in 1.51 and 1.59 but when i upgrade to 1.6 the game refuses to start with the error message "Cannot open file:'D:\Program Files (X86)\CapsuleGames\ARMA II-PC\\dta\bin.pbo'"

    I have tried reinstalling and repatching 3 times and i have redownloaded the patch twice, also normal ArmA 2 starts so bin.pbo file isnt corrupt or anything.