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  1. Dear all, I'm really glad to tell you that T.O.H. can use a software multi screens solution: SOFTH. I've only tested it with two screens, i intend to test further when i could found an other 17''. (so left 17'', center 23'', and right 17''). by, Fred a frenchie user..
  2. fredotaz

    T.O.H. and multi screens

    So, after tests, T.O.H. runs like i've dreamt with 3 screens : 17'',23'',17'', and Soft th. I've lost some fps, but my pc isn't a F1 : Q9450 Ã 2.8 ghz, 8go ddram 2, gtx 560 ti, and win7 64bits ultimate. I wish you good flights, see you soon.... By, Fred
  3. fredotaz

    T.O.H. and multi screens

    good news : i will get the 3st screen next week with a 560ti.... so i will test soon.. by