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  1. Regretfully the painstaking work of a few dedicated coders, artists and designers is often not enough to release a fan created mod in time to beat out the release of the next version of the game they are designing for. That being said, Topas: I know your adoring public still waits eagerly for the completion of this Mod. Don’t lose heart. Za Polske!
  2. Funny you should say that. Most WW2 games that include a campaign of any type, only include a German campaign that supposedly spans all the war years and theatres. There were without a doubt many German officers and men who saw combat from 39-45; however only a small percentage saw combat on all the fronts. The simple fact was that as the war progressed it became increasingly more difficult for either side to withdraw large formations from one front to send them thousands of kilometres to fight somewhere else. Nevertheless this did occur in some cases and thus a campaign can hold true. What most game designers don’t realise is that as a companion campaign it would be just as easy to have an Allied campaign with a Polish unit as its core. Poland was first to fight and its many brave men never surrendered and fought more valiantly then her allies in foreign uniforms. After 39 the campaign can easily move to France where in 1940 over 80,000 Polish troops assembled into 4 makeshift divisions and fought the Germans in French uniforms until evacuated to England. From there the campaign can continue to North Africa with British 8th army where the second Polish corps fought in British uniforms. Polish troops were involved in most if not all Western campaigns and operations… The Allied campaign can always have a decision tree where from 1943 the Allied player can fright as part of the Soviet Army and continue the campaign on the Eastern front. I for one would be glad to see more recognition given to group of men who fought for 6 long years for freedom of their nation and not to the infamous aggressor who is glorified by so many a games today.
  3. That is such awesome work!!! An order of Virtuti Militari 1st Class for all your work :bounce3:
  4. Hey Team SEPTEMBER 1939 MOD, without a doubt your efforts will leave many of us sleepless for many nights to come once this mod is released.. so a pre-emptive “thank you†now, as I may not feel the same way once we start playing ;)
  5. Czesc Topas; Are you adding both the TKD and TKS-D And are you recreating any of the more vital defence areas (you’ve mentioned bunkers) or just generic locations? Za Polske
  6. I realise how monumental of an undertaking this MOD is; however, I still need to ask: are you recreating any specific landscape? I believe Westerplatte or Hel was mentioned.
  7. This was the Western world's attitude for the longest time further propagated by the Cold War era and lack of credible information coming out of the East. Whereas the reality is that the German losses were comparable if not surpassed in some cases in the Fall Weiss campaign then that of the invasion of France. Furthermore the intensity of the fighting in Poland was much more gruelling as the battles were often characteristic of mass confusion due to German army inexperience/new equipment and many Polish night time counter-attacks forced by the German air superiority. Za Polske!
  8. Hi Topas, The "Completed" list is a great start. So now what your loyal and adoring public needs to know what kind of help your team requires; specifically on which WIP projects. "Za Polske"
  9. Hi Topas, Awesome work thus far, I am sure I share anticipation with all others who follow this thread. I was wondering if you can post a Master List of all vehicles, aircraft and weapons you would “like†to add, as well as what’s already done, WIP, or being considered? The various areas I looked at have a number of lists; however, they seem incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Once that’s up, I believe you’ll get more volunteers to help with the big stuff or even just with research. Many thanks for the hard work to you and your team