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  1. One of mantas accidently didn't dock correctly in the carrier so I got to fly around the interior of the carrier. I noticed there is a wet room at the back of the carrier with external door.

    In the original Carrier command this was the location for the Walrus's to dock and the supply drone. Is there an animation of the supply drone docking with carrier that I missed?

    Unfortunatley I only took one screen shot and video. But the video was largely corrupted. But if you place a manta against the hull in a nose down position the camera will rotate around the manta (on the external view) and you can see various bit inside the carrier.


    Wet Room?


    Wet Room?


    Nice missile



  2. I collected all the ones you mention, still didn't get the laser.

    I found two more rusty structures. Which finally gave me the Laser.

    Endymion: East of the Command Centre and just north of the Walrus Garage. The button is on the left hand side facing the entrance.

    Lingard: North of the Refinery is a Re-aming Point. It is just West of that re-arming point in the trees. (artic)

  3. Need help,

    not even on this part of the campaign yet. Am stuck when just boarding the carrier and wandering off and about. got into the section where there's a medical lab and an engineering room. in there when pressing F on the console we control a droid, but then my droid got destroyed and now I don't know what to do since it won't let me control another droid?

    Any help will be appreciated. Sorry for posting as a reply, can't seem to post a new thread. something about needing to confirm and clicking a button before my post reaches 3, but there's no button to click.

    Here you go as this question is a little off topic I have added a new topic, plus others like me missed it first time round.


  4. About a week ago, I replayed the vulcan mission for the 3rd time and accidently found the droid mission

    Looking at this link and the replies I relised I wasn't the only one who had missed this FPS.


    When you leave the hanger and are in the corridor you have the door on the left that leads up to the "Control Room" and opposite that door "Engineering", a somewhat obscured door, that leads down to the supplies room, where you can control the droid. Quite fun really, very short. Seems to be a practice run with a droid. Maybe I missed a section in the main game.

    You don't need to complete that mini mission, it maybe an easter egg? Always thought the Carrier section was very short, shoot 3 droids, job done carrier is yours.


  5. I am in the same boat. I can't seem to get the same smooth level of control. I am constantly fighting the controller, with a lot of forward left stick, then it goes into rocking left and right. I downloaded the nightstalker* mod for expert flying. But I still getting the over controlling instability.

    I can do this mission in Trainee mode (no hover mode). I can do this in expert mode, but I need hover mode to pick up and set down the crates. But I still do not get the control you have. I have watched this video several times and your model doesn't seem to have any of issues I am having, in fact it seems to fly like a real helicopter. Getting frustrated, I have 200+ hours flying real choppers from Robinsons to Jet Ranger. None of them are a difficult as this.

    Any advice before I decide to un-install this game and throw it in the back of the wardrobe would be helpful. Many Thanks.

    Win7 64 I7 8Gb SSD

    GT 440 1GB

    Giga Z68 MB

    TM Hotas X (2011)

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  6. Hi,

    I was wondering if can pre-set the trim, in a configuration file.

    I am Finding that if I set the trim to a little forward and left prior to take off. It is easy for me to hover when applying (a little) back pressure. Plus it slows my take off as I need to find out where the neutral handling point when "light on the skids". I also find it easy to drive thru ETL and then back to hover again.

    FYI I have 0% dead zone on all axis, it's the joystick itself.

    Win7 64



    GT 440 1GB

    Giga Z68

    TM Hotas X

    TM Ferrari Steering Wheel/Pedals.