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  1. Beautiful work all round. Congrats. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and do some hot dusty African ops…. The flora and fauna is looking lovely. Perhaps an Asian version of that beautiful elephant version too…. It’s just the ears 😉
  2. eightroundsrapid

    General Discussion (Western Sahara RC Branch)

    Hey guys - lovely work. Beautiful terrain. Please can you consider expanding the playable slots for 'Extraction' in the next update - it's a great Op but needs more boots on the ground to do it right - eight to ten slots would be perfect! I'd imagine that the same goes for 'Last Stand' too! Many thanks
  3. eightroundsrapid

    Huge FPS drops due to sounderrors 64bit

    i54670K 3.40GHz GTX1080 16mb RAM Windows 10 Sennheiser 3D G4ME1 A similar issue for me, but sounds worse than already reported, I am running 64 bit and consistently get 2-3FPS from the off on any MP mission. My clan recently switched to 64 bit and everyone else (that's 40-50pax on a gaming night) is seeing improved FPS - WTF is going on? I had the same issue last week running my old GTX780 - dropping the sharp end of £500 on a new card only to find the FPS still knackered is pretty frustrating!