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  1. dasviereck

    Liberation Zeus

    I have a problem, i dont know how i can give the ai group to a player, have tryed to ctrl and drag but nothing happens, can me help somebody?
  2. I have changed the cpu parameters and since them i have no sound, reinstalled the game, changed the parameters back to normal, nothing helps pls help lol
  3. dasviereck

    no Sound only in Arma 3

    I use mumble to communication ive i don t use it i have sound, ive i start it no sound in arma 3 :/ i want to use mumble
  4. dasviereck

    German to English

    hello guys =) i want to change my language from the English Steam version of Arma 2 to German and want play on the Multiplayer Matches, whipers uploads are down :( anyone else now where i can get this files or now a other way to change my language? hope you can help me Viereck
  5. hi guys, can someone reupload the language changer Files? i have a English version of Arma 2 and want the subtitles in german pls :) and thx to whiper