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  1. okay, ive never used scripts, can somebody please tell me exactly what im supposed to do here? please n thank ya. I have a Franco Prussian war mod and it looks funky when all my troops lay down once they are under fire. not really Time era correct. Haha

    You can place an AI infantry group and place this code in the team leader's init -

    grp1 = group this;{_x setunitPos "UP"} foreach units grp1;{_x setBehaviour "COMBAT"} foreach units grp1;

    For many infantry groups name them as grp2, grp3, grp4.....etc. and use same code written as above.

  2. I think there should be throttle controls to control airspeed for aircrafts and helicopters in arma 2 co similar to flight sim games because it is difficult to control and limit speed of an aircraft or helicopter in the game (i.e Q and Z keys), therefore it would be usefull for landing a plane without autopilot on aircraft carrier or airstrip and for gaining maximum speed quickly (e.g. gaining altitude to make evasive maneuvers). The aircraft speed throttle could be set according to engine thrust percentage.Such a system could be implemented for helicopters in the game, then it would be easier to land or hover helicopters without damaging them and will also be suited to propeller planes as well e.g. ww2 aircraft.Throttle controls will also give ability to fly aircraft/helicopters at constant speed and realistic flight simulation in the game or it could be made into a realistic flight mod.

  3. Sparsely inhabited or semi inhabited i.e. towns villages etc.

    Sparsely would be the large PMC terrains for vast tank battles, these include Rattler, 51km Desert, Rugen. Plus there are a few German based maps or that way out, Huertgenwald (bet_huertgen) summer or winter, also Schwemlitz again summer/winter versions. Celle would be o.k. Tigeria perhaps, there are quite a few depends on what type of terrain or tank battles you had in mind.

    Nevada desert can easily double up for a ww2 desert campaign for tanks/armour as can some of the earlier mentioned, just need to populate them a little, vast areas though, so ideal. There are a couple of Afghan terrains that would be fine for that, Fayshkhabur would be another really good one, also Sbrodj winter or summer versions etc.

    There are many, what type of thing did you have in mind?

    Are there any european maps for urban/infantry/tank warfare like for example fictional cold war scenarios.