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  1. Ya this is just a server at home on my home network for my own intertainment and whoever want's to jump on and play some domination.At the moment I have the server PC hard wired into my router its not on a WI-FI connection. I found a forum that was talking about resorces for running a dedicated arma 2 server and what I got from it was the more ram the better and higher end CPU is going to help. I wasn't sure what type of ram the in server monitor was reading as being used if it was V-RAM or system RAM. After reading that forum topic I now am clear that it is sytem RAM they said 4 gigs for 64 bit windows 7 at least wich is what that pc has. I figure its got to be on the CPU end I have allways used intell don't know much about AMD CPU's I got a good deal on that MOBO and the CPU came with it. But anyway I figure I will build that PC and just see what the server does on a higher end machine. I would still like to have a more better understanding on the performance options for the tool and how to best set them. Ya I would like to check out your domination map and see how it does pls post here when I can grab it from somewhere. Thanks
  2. Thanks I think I might just throw together a new rig with the stuff I have laying around. EVGA 780i sli MOBO , intel core 2 extreme QX9650 3.00GHZ, Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB SATA HD , evga GTX 285 2GB video card , 8GB Corsair DDR 2 ram , on vista ultimate OS , 750 Watt PSU. Do you think it would be worth the wrench time to throw it together and see how it handles running the server? Can you maybe send me a link to your domination map that you modified ? I would like to see if it makes a difference. What did you change on it?
  3. HHHMMM well I build custom PC's and the one that I am using to run the server is one I had built for my girlfreind I have another extra PC I could setup with higher end specs. What is your definition of comercial grade PC? Can you give me a general idea of what you think it would take to run a domination server smoothly aside from the internet end just PC specs. Thanks for the help.
  4. Random players drop into the server depends on how many at one time are on playing. I was monitoring the FPS and all that when there were 4 people and myself and the FPS seemed to be doing fine then a bit later it just started getting laggy at times and like I said before the rubber band effect. Can you give me a idea of what these numbers should be at fo FPS, memory usage ,and the kbts out and in? Also can I make some adjustments to the performance options to make it a stronger server? ---------- Post added at 11:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 AM ---------- Oh ya sorry I forgot to add that it is CO_30_domination_2_60r_west_OA.Takistan . Is this the latest I have searched and not found a later version. And what kind of PC would be best to run a strong server on? Is it more about my internet connection or the PC specs?
  5. I started another server running the same domination map and have been monitoring the FPS and memory use since the start and the FPS was a consitant 50 FPS untill about the 3rd town got taken then it jumps up and down and the server starts acting up as in rubber banding and other lagging issues. Also the memory usage was at about 230 MB at the start of the map and now it is at about 580 MB. Why is this and how can I solve this. Should I up the max messages sent and if so how high should I put it and what is the highest it can go? The system I am running the server on has 4 GB ddr2 of ram and a tripple core AMD phenom 8650 with a 8800 GTX card. I find it hard to believe that that system cant run the server without it degrading over a period of a day and a half. Any responce from someone who has some knowledge of this tool and how best to set the performance options would be a great help. Thanks.
  6. First off I am so glad I came across your server tool it is easy and quick to setup and use. good job Tophe and thanks for putting in the time on it. I have looked all over i'm sure this has been answered somewhere. I just want to understand and get the most out of the tools performance settings. My question is can you give me a more detailed run down of what these setting do exactly and the the best way to set them for maximum performance when running a server. I don't have experience with dedicated server settings at all. I started running a domination map yesterday and monitored the frames memmory and other numbers of in and out . The frames were gd for all of yesterday average of around 45 to 48 fps. When I got on today frames were very low and more memmory used I don't understand the other in and out numbers or what they should be at. Please I would be thankfull for any help.