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  1. Yesterday I was in the middle of a firefight with AI. My troops and I were beeing dropped off from our chopper and sercuring the city of Taliban etc etc. As we were doing this we were ambushed. I coudnt see a single thing bullets flying ever where i dropped down to the ground. I decided if we were going to be sitting ducks. Further more my squad and I moved around the city and opened fired onto the Taliban. All hell broke loose, a taliban shot an RPG at my squad. I lost about 3 soldiers. After 30 mins of firing back and forward i decide to call in an Apache to eliminate the enemies.

    This was the biggest and most intense firefight i have ever had.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with this topic, But can anyone give me advice on editing. I make the crappiest battles i mean they are ok but i need advice to get more advanced like to get my soldiers to do push-up and to get the AI to put dow IED's to create ambushes, Also how to make battles such as Black hawk down etc etc. If you have any advice please help me, Im a noob at Arma AO:yay::yay: