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  1. HazJ

    [MP] GWAR3 (Gossamer's Warfare 3)

    IFA3, maybe. GM, lol. Don't like it AT ALL. Maybe I will do GM further down the line. Nobody seems interested in GWAR3 tbh so don't want to waste time working on it.
  2. HazJ

    [MP] GWAR3 (Gossamer's Warfare 3)

    @gossamersolid Thanks. Link updated in the post above. Hopefully people show more interest so that I am motivated to develop it further. Changelog (same as before - might be good to put in first post):
  3. HazJ

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Why the BE filter? Placing 10 charges and detonating or did I misunderstand? Adding a filter that kicks for the action isn't a solution, more of a hack.
  4. Thanks mate! Do you have PayPal? Want to throw some money your way, for beer or hookers. Whichever you prefer... 🤣😋
  5. HazJ

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    @DwardenWhy not just fix it? Just an idea.
  6. @SkaceKachna - Can we get the command list updated to 1.90 please?
  7. The cool peeps call it VS Code 😁 Visual Studio is something completely different. Was just clarifying.
  8. Visual Code, not Visual Studio. But yeah. 😁
  9. Ah yes. Forgot that. Also, pushBack won't overwrite the file on the server. @Eroge You'll still need to do that manually unless you use some DLL file.
  10. You can have a file in server root called say bannedUIDs.sqf then in there add an array. Not sure if it will update live, you may have to restart server. If so you can just temp add them until server restarts. bannedUIDs = [ "123", "321", "etc" ]; publicVariable "bannedUIDs"; // or use PVC when user connects bannedUIDs pushBack "12345"; // initServer.sqf [] execVM "\bannedUIDs.sqf";
  11. You mean, you want someone to do it for you? Why not download the addon, unpack it and start looking through it? You've shown nothing of your attempts.
  12. Solution: You can copy your RscListNBox defines and manually change drawSideArrows from 0 to 1. You'll have to rename it to something like TAG_RscListNBox though. The default defines doesn't have it enabled.
  13. Does one dialog go to another? If so, you have to make sure that one is closed then createDialog again. You can use !dialog to check if none are open as well. Why do you have createDialog "dialogo"; three times? They are the same dialog hence the name. You can just set the text and button actions without having to create again. Providing the dialog is opened initially which you have done at top.
  14. Thanks. Did you get my PM? @7erra
  15. HazJ

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Tut tut 🤣😀