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  1. whiteruck437

    Sound error

    I've sorted it. I think:) I don't know how I did it
  2. whiteruck437

    Sound error

    Yeah after I posted the message I went back to it and corrected the mistakes but the same thing is still happening.
  3. whiteruck437

    Sound error

    HI all I'm having some trouble importing some custom sounds and wonder if anyone could help. I've created the folders required in the mission folder and I'm using this script:- /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Armed Assault Description File // Created with ArmA Edit - Version 1.3.4000 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// showCompass = 0; showGPS = 0; showWatch = 0; //===radio===============================================> class Cfgradio { sounds[]={radio1}; class radio1 { name="radio1"; sound[]={"sound\radio1.ogg",db+5, 1.0}; }; }; but when I play the mission this message pops up when I get to the way point "Sound radio1 not found" have I written the script wrong or is there something else I should have done?
  4. Hey all I'm just wondering if it's possible when creating your own sound files is it possible to use sounds from the game for own sound files. I keep creating sound files for radio sounds and back ground chat and it's a bit off putting when all the sounds are my own voice. can I use Voices from the game to make the convisations fit in with it and my own units voice?
  5. whiteruck437

    Parachute Script

    thank you very much I've been having a right time trying to find parachute script
  6. Hey all I was wondering if some one could tell me were I can find a parachute drop script for AI units. I've been searching for the the last few days and my search has run a complete blank. were's it hidding cos I'm sure there is one
  7. whiteruck437

    On screen message when sound plays?

    thanks alot sorry for my late response I've bin really busy with work.
  8. whiteruck437

    On screen message when sound plays?

    this is the .ext //=== Sounds================================================> class CfgSounds { sounds[]={Hello}; class Hello { name="Hello"; sound[]={\sounds\Hello.ogg, db+10, 1.0}; }; };
  9. Hey all I’m in need of some help. I’ve been trying to place my own custom sound and when I reach the waypoint I keep getting this message No entry “D:\Documents and settings \my name\ My Documents\ ArmA\ missions\ Mission name_Island_Skye\ description.ext/ CfgSounds/ Hello.titles And when I click OK the sound still plays. What does this warning mean because I can’t find the problem, and it’s a little off putting when your playing a mission and I keep messages?
  10. whiteruck437

    Placing Script

    Hey all I need some help with a script. I’ve been using a script to place units in a vehicle like driver and so on. Now if I use a unit that has multiple Gun places like a Blackhawk I can only place one gunner and the pilot. Is there a command that will place units in both weapon places. I’ve been using this command this moveInGunner Unit1; Do I need to add to this or is it another script I need?
  11. whiteruck437

    Sound tool

    I've not had chance to find out yet. I'm gonna try it tonight
  12. whiteruck437

    Sound tool

    arrr ok cheers. sorry my reply has been so long been busy with it being christmas
  13. whiteruck437

    do OFP mods work in Arma

    I did and my computer isn't powerful enough to handel it and I havn't got the cash to upgrade or buy a new compter. I'll just have to wait until I do.
  14. whiteruck437

    do OFP mods work in Arma

    fair enough. do you know if you can get Arma2 addons to work in Arma? just seems strange to have British Vehicals for OFP and Arma2 but not for Arma
  15. hey I'm just wondering do the OFP mods work in Arma? I've been looking for British Armered vehicals for Arma and I've not been able to find any. I've fond some for OFP and some for ARMA2 but I can't find them for Arma.