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  1. I was wondering what everyone's favorite mission is? DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME YET!
  2. boeing82


    Hi, Finished the Lark Rising storyline today and it was great. I was wondering if there were any cheats--ways to get more money quickly. If not, you should consider adding this for those of us who like to, um, skip ahead! It won't keep me from doing the missions, but I'd like to afford all the helicopters now. Is this possible currently? Boeing82:cool:
  3. Thanks, people! You solved my problem.
  4. Stupid question: Where's the AddOns folder? I can't even find where TOH is installed (I got it through Steam).
  5. Hi, I installed the TrackIR and have it working fine (thanks to a tip on this forum! Thanks!). The thing is, now all the green icons that I was using to click things (like, to get in a helicopter) are gone. I went into the game options menu to make sure Freelook Interaction says "default on." I don't mind using keyboard commands to do what I need to do since it's hard to click things with TrackIR on anyways, but I saw no command to get in my helicopter. Now I'm trapped outside it! Thanks! Boeing82:confused: