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  1. Well, I saw that there are missions, where it is not necessary to accomplish all tasks. And I think that I have now run into a bug during a sightseeing mission, when a task is completed, the next one is on the list, but the waypoint does not update. I think this will be something for the bugtracker. I can live with replaying missions if they are a bit buggy, but the frequent crashes are a bit disappointing.
  2. Meanwhile I finished the mission. After two reloads it worked. The icons went green and I could get into the copter.
  3. First, thank you for the quick reply! My problem was that I did not know that the icons which appear above swtiches have context sensitive options in the scroll menu. Now I got it and can switch it on and off as long as the batteries are on! Maybe it's the missing manual or that I am only a OPFP veteran and have never played games from the ARMA series. I have the latest official version (I have purchased the game via Steam and told it to keep it up to date.) I really hope that more patches will come. It crashes often (maybe my harddisks are too slow) but it is the game I have waited for so long. I was always looking for some helicopter only sim and did not want to buy MS Flight Simulator X, as it seems to be too much a simulation. ToH reminds me of the good old days of Flight Unlimited II, where you could fly scripted Missions or do free flights in a limited area, where I was the one who decided about the difficulty.
  4. I did not finish one task (formation flight), the game let me play on and when it comes to enter my copter as last (?) task I can not do it. I see the wheel icon, but it is greyed out. Is this, because I did not finish one of the tasks? Two sidequestions: is it possible to completely switch off the music other than setting the volume to zero in the settings? Is there a key for external view? Thanks!