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  1. Recently I was trying to port the M-113 from ArmASampleVehicle into my mod, but now I met a problem and couldn't find out what caused it. When my player is trying to disembark from vehicle, most of the time, it will be launch away like a pinball. I've check the disembark memory point and other config that I could think of, but just couldn't find out the reason. What's more interesting is those AI character could disembark without this problem, which really make me confused. Kindaf wondering would this caused by one of the accelerating problem I solved earlier. After I change the dampingRateInAir and MOI config, the accelerate become normal. Hope someone could figure it out what could caused this, I've been stock at here for two days.
  2. Sorry, not familiar with the precise word in English, lol. And thx for the tools, it work.
  3. I'm not sure is it BI change the tools again or somewhat. When I was trying to rewrite the CfgGroup.hpp today, it shows that it couldn’t read the p3d files in my folder. But since I didn’t change anything except CfgGroup.hpp, it’s unlikely to happen such a situation. After couple while, I found out that my Addon Builder seems to stop binaries my p3d files into pbo, and it also appear CfgSkeletons problem, it means model.cfg wasn’t include either. Is there anyone else have met this situation before?
  4. Found it, thank a lot, I should've came here earlier.
  5. The problem started five days ago, my shortcut of addon builder suddenly lost connection with addon builder. After I uninstall and install the tools again, the addon builder appears to get pack into a folder after a new update(I guess, otherwise I remember its in the main folder) But the addon builder just doesn't work at all. I'll show build successful message but without any pbo files emerge, and after I change to other computer and install everything but still the same, any idea what might caused this?
  6. Thank a lot for these advice, I had made those objects like turret and hatch function in both buldozer and ingame, but the wheels remain a problem. The wheels is function in buldozer. Before I write those wheels config into config.cpp, my vehicle will emerge in twenty feet height when I'm trying to preview in editor, and keep floating in ten feet height after couple bound, but the vehicle is movable and without wheels rotate. But after I found some config and paste on, my vehicle could attach itself on ground but couldn't move even an inches. I've set axis, steering axis and bound in memory, is that enough? Any ideas what might cause this problem? And which material is recommended to used for wheeled APC? Thx.
  7. Hi, there. I've made a 8x8 APC (40 mm grenade launcher) by 3dsmax last year, and trying hard to port the model into ARMA3. But after so much hours of hard trying, the only thing I could achieve is make the model appears in game and that's all. The config problems keep bothering me for months, no matter trying to rewrite on those extracted config or trying to follow the guideline and write a new config. I still can't even make the turret or those wheels rotate in game, and neither firing or any further more actions. It seems like coding is something too hard for someone never learn scripting before. So, with frustration, I just wanna ask is there any sample that could make me have a easier way to port my APC in game? like some config sample that only need to rewrite some tiny place? Oh, yeah. If my English is hard to understand, I'm sorry about that.
  8. I got problem of export to p3d file, it always came out with message like “Unknown property: “effectFile†in filename: Standard†I’ve build a very basic dice for test, it only got model itself and texture, but this problem still exist. Does anyone know which might have cause this? Thank for the help. If the image is too small, just right click and open the image(http://ppt.cc/eJCu) with new page.
  9. kuokenken

    Editor questions

    Maybe with Outerra Engine??
  10. kuokenken

    MP thoughts

    Because he just told us that the experience learn from BF3 and wanna bring to ARMA,and beside ARMA,the most famous game with large map and vehicle is BF And the unofficial play mode like ur said has existed,the ARMA:PR To be honest,I don't really want ARMA lost any of it's reality it got right now,or I wont type so much word to explain my feeling(If u got terrible feeling at understand my essay,I have same feeling when I was typing) But I still wanna keep my favorite game to stay on what I want,It's totally comprehend ARMA has it's own guest group and its own way,and it is been set with a war sim,or at least serious game If anything will ruin it,that not the guest group want,see what old BF player feeling now,and watch how OFP:DR and OFP:RR has done
  11. kuokenken

    MP thoughts

    Apparently,this suggestion will ruin Arma the right to be a sim You should play BF2,or BF2:PR,that should be suit for ur description Have u ever thought about what make Arma become realistic FPS? The normal FPS like COD or BF,It create a seal or realativly open world And use like Death Match,Rush,Conquest......mode to let both sides fight in prescribe condition,and try to be balance Like bot side got two tank,two plane,two APC...... And what ARMA has done not just create a sandbox world Including the variont weapons,numerous vehicles,gears system The whole thing to do is to create a most realitic world and play as a reallife battle The free of deploying thing in mission editor let the mission maker try to create a reallife situation Like a recon platoon in ten Hmmvees secure the mountain to build FOB Or try to penetrate with special force and hunt the officer It gave u the right to be god,and create a reallife simulation to fight like real mission that what make Arma so realistic,no matter how the other FPS do If they can't break the role of two side with balance and fight in prescribe condition They cant never be a sim,try to play ARMA:PR or BF2:PR and u will know That might be the best choose for u And I think it's understandable for why people got mad when someone wanna change ARMA That will make Arma not like a sim,and we won't have other same type game to play if it got ruined If ARMA wanna attract more people,The free game mode create by mission editor is cool enough Most important of all is try to optimize formula let more people without need to worry this game will be a Hardware murderer,see what GTA4 has done and maybe more faster online speed,etc Second,in the way not to decrease the function,try to let command or editor more intuition Like mission editor,the 3D editor is one of the most improtant improvement(except Physic)from ARMA2 to ARMA3 ARMA is survive by lot of mission create by player to live for such a long time The old 2D need to take lot time to set the postion,3D will save lot work on creating mission and next thing will be try no need to do everything with checking the god damn much scripts to creat mission Third,better AI,not to spot u accross the forest,and I think BIS done a lot at this in OA 1.60 ver But try to be more taticals,I know it mostly impossible because of the game type but nowadays AI seems only know need to take cover when engageing enemy,and nothing on tatical conscious Four,new animation,but not like BF or COD type,u wont be able to run like that in reallife That all I think is primary,like customized weapon could be prolong,the nowadays way u want to change weapon with scope is to create several model for it and choose in the box If there are not animation like it has been said in trailer,the only value of it might be save the time of creating model and too much able to customized personal might let people seems not like a soldier,watch how BF3 done now But no matter what,BIS still got good work on,and hope I can play ARMA 6 at ten years later and be waiting for ARMA7 BTW:sorry if my essay is hard to understand,I'm from non-department of English country
  12. kuokenken

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    hopeing VBS2 2.0 can beat CryEngine ass BTW:Can civilian buy VBS2 2.0,how does it cost?
  13. kuokenken

    Greetings from Lemnos!

    So how large is the actually size of ARMA3 map? At offical site,it says 300 square kilometer,but E3 report 900 and the true Lemnos is about 400 to 500 so what the true size?
  14. kuokenken

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Well,I think most important of all,when u are recommand the game Not only need to be fair about whole game,including this game is hardware murderer bla.. and u have to analysis is this person will like to play this type of game not all FPS player will love this game just like not all the air combat player will play Falcon and A-10 I think the best way is to type a introduces article I have type one article and try to be fair,and type out how the whole game is going including the game playmode,weapon system,maps,image,vehicle,such like that and comparsion with other game,let them watch playthrough videos and warm them do not bye until they sure they love this seious game After I type this article,those who try this game have more than half stay with our team I wish I could post it,but unfortunatelly,it was type with foreign language u might already find out my grammer is pretty suck,lol If u still wanna see it,I could try to explain to u
  15. kuokenken

    Greetings from Lemnos!

    Would u like to tell us where's ur house at?we will take care of it,lol I was curios about what the really size of the Limos map At the offical site Limnos, spreading over an area of almost 300 square kilometers But at the E3 "Bohemia Interactive is implementing an insane level of detail for the 900 square kilometer game world they have designed, the largest yet in the Arma series." And at wiki,Lemnos actual size was 477.3 km2 (184 sq mi) BIS has says the didn't make the actual size of real world so what the true size?900 and 300 is totally diffrent meaning