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  1. Hi !

    My reasons are:

    - GLT weapons (espacially the rockets and missiles) have another smoke effect. I like it more.

    - The other planes also using GLT...so why not the EF too.

    - I simply dont wanna confuse people by using other weapons in their planes.

    - Its a little bit easier for me to sort, copy and paste weapons in the loadout script.

    I mean the RKSL weapons are awesome. Maybe i switch to them when the EF will run like i want, but it still don't :(


  2. Hi !

    @brad7: I will...but this isn't a thread about my server...only fort he Eurofighter. I have more mods you need to play on it. You will find them when you look into my profile or just use the link in my signature.

    Finally i found all out by myself. The new pylon system is very useful ! Now you can setup a whole more bunch of awesome loadouts ;)

    Classnames should maybe help:

    "RKSL_efa_pylons_X_mag" replace X by 2,4 or 6 (pylons under the wings, 6 is max i guess) 2 Pylons and the end of the wings are fixed, so 8 Weaponpylons per wing !

    "RKSL_2Rnd_pylonblank" (same magazine replacements like in the 1.0 beta, see the PDF for that)

    "RKSL_60Rnd_pylonblank" (also magazine replacement but new i guess ?)

    "RKSL_2Rnd_efa_fueltank" Well...these are the tanks ;)

    I began to add some Loadouts for the Loadoutscript. CAP (Close Air Patrol) look like this (I use GLT weapons for the other planes..sry):

    _vec addMagazine "RKSL_150Rnd_27mmAP_Mauser";

    _vec addMagazine "RKSL_150Rnd_27mmAP_Mauser";

    _vec addweapon "RKSL_27mmmauser";

    _vec addMagazine "RKSL_efa_pylons_4_mag";

    _vec addMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_AIM120";

    _vec addweapon "GLT_AIM120_Launcher";

    _vec addMagazine "GLT_2Rnd_AIM9X";

    _vec addweapon "GLT_AIM9X_Launcher";

    _vec addMagazine "GLT_4Rnd_AIM7";

    _vec addweapon "GLT_AIM7_Launcher";

    _vec addMagazine "RKSL_60Rnd_pylonblank";

    Works so far. No problems here. :) Hooraahh !


  3. The sound on that euro-fighter is deafeningly awesomne! Love it...

    ---------- Post added at 20:18 ---------- Previous post was at 18:32 ----------

    Are there any servers that are using this at the moment?

    Hi !

    Well ill try to use it for my domination server but there are some things on this baby so i can't use it correctly. I miss some classnames because the documentation about the EF is about the 1.0 not the 2.6.

    I need to know the classnames for the optional Typhoons and how to delete the droptanks from the EF's.

    EDIT: I use the ShowClass Script to findout myself whats going on :D Finally i can setup my server. :)


  4. very nice work, you've got talent for sure. Do you plan on bringing that into amra 3 at some point?

    Hi !

    @Mellonpopr: The first thing ill do is to bring it to Arma 2....hopefully. Because thats my first Arma 2 mod ever. If its succesful in Arma 2...well maybe i do it for Arma 3 ;)

    EDIT: New Screens :)

    1. http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/1817/mig2915.jpg

    2. http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/2423/mig2916.jpg

    3. http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/6113/mig2917.jpg


  5. Hi !

    I dont wanna spam my own thread...but i cant resist :(

    Just some simple wings.... fly me to the mooon *sing* ;)

    http://imageshack.us/a/img855/1142/mig2912.jpg (535 kB)

    http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/5576/mig2913.jpg (483 kB)

    http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/6856/mig2914.jpg (718 kB)

    @Ranwer: Thanks for your search help but i already have some very good pictures. Also check www.the-blueprints.com ... ;)


  6. Hi !

    Another Screens :)


    http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/2816/mig298.jpg (581 kB)

    @Gnat: Well i watched the Tutorial videos about the Arma 2 Toolbox for 3dmax. I think i understand how to do the Axis. #

    But one more question about the axis for animated parts: Do i always need 2 of the memory points ? I guess 2 points defines just the axis between them ?

    Whats right then ? (Black are the Points, Red the Axis) So i think when i wanna turn the Axis i must turn the points too right ?



  7. Hi All !

    First of all sry for my english. I made over 30 models for Realflight (RC Simulator) and now i wanna get a little more serious....so...

    This is my very first attempt to create a model for Arma 2 / OA. I wanna start with the good ol' Mig-29. I hope that you can help me bring my baby to Arma 2 ;)

    Here is the first screen from 3DMAX. Very very early WIP ;)

    http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/193/mig294.jpg (179 kB)

    And i have some questions:

    1. Must the model be one piece except the rudders, gear and the cockpit ? (Animations etc.)

    2. Must the airplane have a seperate high detailed model of the cockpit for the 1st person view ?

    3. Is there a guide to create airplanes for Arma 2 ?

    Greetings from germany


  8. Hi !

    These are my settings:

    Visibility: 3500m

    Interface: 100%

    3D res: 100% (1920 x 1080)

    Tex: Very High or High

    Vid mem: Default

    Anisotropic: Very High

    Antialiasing: disabled (i normally never use AA in games)

    Terrain: Very low

    Objects: Low

    Shadows: Low or High

    HDR: Very High

    Post-proc: Off

    V-Sync: Disabled


    Win7 64bit Home Premium

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE @3,6Hz

    AMD XFX 7870

    IDE HDD 500GB

    8 GB Ram

    As i said i never had problems with the standardgame only with the beta. And i have no problem in other games. But...i use SweetFX for Arma. Maybe that cause problems with the beta ? ;)


  9. Hi Myke !

    First of all...a great Mod. I use it together with the loadout script from Eggbeast and it work very good :)

    One thing i have: How to enable or disable the GPS on a plane ? Because i dont really want to use the GPS. Nevermind its great but i don't wanna use it for Domination ;) It seems that only the F-14 SuperTomcat use it. The F-16 and the A-10 don't.

    Greetings from germany


  10. Hi !

    Is it possible in any way to expand the spotting range of the enemies at AO ? The problem is when i fly with a plane i can easily shoot 3-4 tanks in 2-3 km distance and don't get spotted by the enemy. Thats a little bit dumb ;)


    Is it possible that the enemy call reinforcements right after the new AO was set ? Its too easy to destroy all the vehicle without enemy airplanes.

    Maybe you understand what i want ;)