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  1. Hi ! Tankbuster and Xeno: Thank you ! Ok next question: I wanna have units which only can taken by admins. So i only can use these units when i logged in as an admin. Is this possible ? I need some Adminunits which are invulnerable. I already know the command for them ( this allowdamage false; ). Or is there an admincommand to make myself invulnerable ? Because there are sometimes people on the server who think they troll (you know what i mean *g*). I prevent some of these things already by making the base undestroyable or set the maximum shots in base to 20. But as far as you know you can't prevent that these ppl shooting other players with vehicle weapons... so i need these admin units or a command for this. Maybe with a game logic or trigger ? Second question: Where can i change the vehicles for the parajump ? I wanna use the AN2 instead of the Blackhawks ;) maxx
  2. Hi ! Tankbuster...i have my own Domination server and change many things there. I just wanna use a different tower yes. So this must be defined somewhere. And i dont mean the mission file. Is it so hard for you to understand what i want ?? I wanna change the tower for the maintargets on the domination map, not a tower in my base or something else. Btw im not a native english speaker. But there is no damn german forum here. So...at least...you understand me or not ?? maxx
  3. Hi ! I say again: I used the search button but don't find an answer to my problem in this thread or the forum. And i damn ask again: I wanna know how to change the look of the radiotower. In Chernarus i think its the "Land_Telek1". But where can i change that ? Here is a picture...now clear ?? http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/7451/radiotower.jpg (281 kB) Sorry but this isnt funny no more. I search the whole forum and no answer to my problem. When u dont have an answer....just dont write anything. Thank you. maxx
  4. Hi ! Again: I wanna change the look of the radiotower model. This must be defined in a file/script in the Domination missions, i think. And i dont find any answers for my problems in this thread. Is it now clear what i mean ? Whats the problem ? ;)
  5. Do you have an answer for my question ?? Or just kidding me ? ;)
  6. Hi ! You can't search this thread only so i MUST post my problem then here. I need the file where the model of the radiotower is defined. I wanna change the look of it. Anyone got a clue where i can find that ?? I use Domination v2.60 maxx
  7. Hi ! Same problem here. After i installed Hinds, it dont work. I will reinstall ToH. I hope it work then. I never had problems with this game until yesterday buying Hinds. 12,99 Euro for nothing then... maxx
  8. maxx2504

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Hi ! Maybe something is wrong with my game. The heli physics are so sensitive i can't fly with a joystick. Nothing wrong with the joystick. I tested some other gamepads. Always the same problem. maxx
  9. maxx2504

    The new review of HINDS dlc.

    Hi ! I have another problem. I buy Hinds yesterday and install it. But it don't work. The DLC is in the ToH directory but nothing happen when i start ToH. Whats wrong with my game ? Its the Steam version. Any ideas ? maxx
  10. Hi ! How can i set a respawn point for the players ? And my chatsystem dont work on the Server. Any suggestions ? :) maxx
  11. maxx2504

    Respawn Point

    Hi ! thanks. works good. is there any chance to change the ammo of the ammo trucks to unlimited ? maxx
  12. maxx2504

    Respawn Point

    Hi ! I have another problem. I found a guide to respawn vehicle but it dont work. What text must i use for the vehicle.sqf ??? Are there any german players who can help ? im getting sick of english -.- maxx