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  1. KanePayne

    [Coop] Everon Outbrake

    Everybody played good old Nogova Virus in MP, so here's my first MP mission based on NV storyline, 1-8 players. For unknown reason on Everon were reported acts of canibalism, that was to similiar to things that happend on Nogova, US Army fought it, but failed, now you and few other surviviors hid in the old hut near Saint Pierre, your mission is to survive. http://www.mediafire.com/?y15g6zelk6uwoe3 Its pretty much diffrent then NV, less zombies, ammo and guns, but more places for Walkers to strike from behind, I force teamwork between players, remember: if you play with 8 people set Very Hard.
  2. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    Works perfect, just combine it with body removal & its good to go.
  3. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    Yes please, I must have made a mistake somwhere.
  4. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    Nope, still nothing, they still go to the first guy in my_array, no matter the distance.
  5. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    If I swicht s1 with s2 AI will go to s2
  6. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    Thnx, works fine now. Maybe I'll prepare template & put somewhere. EDIT: I tested It and AI goes to first unit from No matter the distance
  7. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    Could you guide me a bit more? I have everything set, no errors, but spawned unit still doesnt move.
  8. KanePayne

    Spawned unit Attacks!

    :/ Im asking for solution of my problem, I just want to know is there anything like I look everywhere and cant find solution in google or this forum. I figured out first part, but still cant make nearest target detector.
  9. I try and try, but I cant figure out, how to make spawned unit go to nearest unit from list [s1,s2...Techpriest] and attack it.
  10. KanePayne

    weak zombie script

    Well, u always can write in every zombie initiation: this setdammage X and check when are you happy with zombie's HP.
  11. KanePayne

    3rd Person camera like in SLX?

    Doesnt work for me, I tried it in many ways, but still failed, could someone explain it to me like I am 6 year old or give me already edited file? (I get errors all da time) Thnx in advance