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    I think you're missing the point I was initially making in regards to the story.
  2. Colasanto


    You see, I love story and i took this game as a very realistic simulation to helicopters, and for the most part it delivers quite well and within realistic values. Some of the coding is a bit off in regards to how the heli would act in real life, but over all it's good. It's just a shame when the story goes into a spiral of unrealistic scenarios in a way I'd never handle a helicopter in real life, and it takes away from the real effort gone into the game design to act like real life simulation.
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    You don't need to post, ass hat.
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    Been a long time since I played this game, played it for a few hours on release. Just started it up again past few days to pick up my career. Got to a mission where i practice doing aerobatics with the heli, just awful; took away from a real simulation, asking me to do stupid crap in the heli that i'd never do.
  5. Colasanto

    Taxiing in ToH posible?

    You can taxi in helicopters in real life. Where it's also possible to taxi with skids, Air taxi is quite common also, see here: You just apply the correct ratios.
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    Steam and Mods?

    Steam shouldn't effect how you mod certain games, as long as it's allowed by the games origin.
  7. Colasanto

    My first impressions, not so good.

    Thanks for the welcome! - Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with that and I totally understand. So not a stupid mistake, so I apologise for that. However, with helicopters, 'throttle' would be up and down movements, where as x52 pro as you said, is like a planes throttle, forward and backwards. I think it'd make sense for the x52 to function as I've remapped it. Just my personal opinion on it though. This was tricky to get around, though. I did go through a couple of the training missions, such as sling loads as thats new to me in this sim, I also took the lift off, landing ones to get used to how this sim works. Once I did those, I didn't want to endure the others ones, Now when selecting the next career mission, it took me back to my last training task. To get around this i had to revert all the training I did. So not so obvious to get into the career mode when only doing so many training missions. Like I said, this is my first BI game, I've never brought a game from you guys before, but I'm very interested in civilian sims. (Big FSX fan with 1000s of dollars worth of addons). I've configured the settings to allow me 30-40fps in game, usually sticks at 38fps actually and it does look very nice, especially the helicopters. Just some textures in general look a bit, meh. However I'm comparing this to my FSX setup, which is totally unfair so I'll give you that. -- To elaborate from this now, played my first proper mission with William Hayden, which I think is a great character so far. He has the professional with a hint of subtle rudeness type of personality, which I find amusing and fun. I enjoyed the flight, how the heli handles and how the game handles the physics and aerodynamics. It is quite impressive, there is a few niggles with it, but nothing too bad to mention at this stage, Will need more evaluation. One problem I did have in this mission, was once I landed at haydens compound, hit the engine switch down. I then followed by exiting the heli, this left the heli in a limbo of half state engine and wasn't able to progress further, forcing me to revert to a last auto save and land again. You should stop people from exiting during this process, or let the pilot continue the process once he steps back inside the heli. On the note of autosaves, during the first mission, I think i recall 4 autosaves; Temporarily halting my flight and experience, it totally ruins the immersion and can even cause temp instability of the helicopter once it continues due to being taken out of focus and your flight stick changing during that time. This is very bad and my first most major concern, it needs to be fixed. Allow auto saving in the background by default.
  8. For once, I was hoping to get a game that just played nicely and just 'worked' My first BI game, and where I really wanted to praise and give good feedback, I just can't. My issues: Saitek X52 Pro Mapping in your 'schemes' had got the throttle the WRONG way around, Had to manually change this. I actually laughed at the stupidity of such a mistake. Opening steam overlay causes the UI features to flash, eehk. It seems in career mode you FORCE people to take the horrible and self-testing enduring training missions. I do NOT need these training missions at all, every time i try to advance my career it takes me straight back to the 'training selection page' - The auto rotation 'introduction' just sits and hovers the helicopter over the water and red/white checked 'landing' area, hell is that about? Ground textures are really bad, it's like FSX on ultra low settings. I don't get fps issues, 30-40fps with my settings and view distance at 7k with textures on very high. It just looks bad. The helicopters themselves look quite pleasing, however you alienate this with the hindering camera views, you can't do much in the way of camera. Maybe i'm used to ezdok in FSX, so everything else seems sub par. This is just a first impressions, I'm yet to actually play any proper career missions as it seems the game wants to hold my hand through training missions, which either break or I do not want to do. Most of the above is constructive criticism. The game isn't "crap" as other people may put it, it just needs some extra care and attention. I hope to come back with more positive views and experience enjoyment from this game in the future after I've played it a bit more.
  9. Colasanto

    Data file too short, crash :@

    Verify with steam works too, just redownloaded the corrupt files
  10. Just spent 8hours downloading this, come to play it and it doesn't even load. Just crashes
  11. Just brought this on steam. 20% on the download now, looking forward to it. I use a Saitek X52 Pro, any profile for this game yet?