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    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    So finally it remains questionable what _strange_ results are. For me, being a aeronautical engineer, commercial fixed-wing flight instructor and occasional helicopter student pilot, TOH's flight model is _completly_ strange. And, yes, X-Plane comes close to the real thing, FSX/FS9 is crap. And a helicopter is a dynamically instable, but not chaotic system which can in its parametric form be solved with no difficulty on any computer... ;-) Anyway, my goal was not to insult those who are happy with it. The OP just asked.... Best Regards Kai
  2. WaldoPepper

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Installed the 1.06 patch and tried the light heli and the medium: same behaviour as before. It's allways a relief to return to X-Plane... ;-) Which is a shame since the TOH visuals are quite nice and the scenery is short of fantastic. And a propper flightmodel would even make it _easier_ to fly and more fun (there goes the typical gamer/simmer argument) I was a "Take-On"er of the first hour, pre-ordered, waited patiently, tried the release, was diappointed, followed guys like nightstalker from HC (who _really_ really knows his stuff) through their iterations, and finaly gave up on the game. Buts thats just my two cents..... ;-) Best Regards Kai
  3. WaldoPepper

    Cockpit features

    ...one other minor thing: is it just me, or is the wet compass turning the wrong direction (in turns ;-).....? Kai