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  1. Two very helpful wiki links concerning init order and the various event files:







    init.sqf - runs on ALL machines at mission start

    initPlayerLocal.sqf - runs only on clients at mission start (including HC and JIP when player joins)

    initServer.sqf - runs only on server at mission start



    edit:  sorry for the offtopic SHK - another great script from you.. thanks!!

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  2. My only comment is that 10kbps per player seems a bit low... especially if you are running a modded server.  IMHO you want to allocate a minimum of 128kbps/player and be prepared to increase that if your mission spawns AI on clients or does other similar client stuff... upwards of 512kbps/player.  I know BIS has been working on reducing the amount of data transfer recently so perhaps the requirements aren't so high anymore.

  3. You can lower the number of AI spawning in the Military Objectives module (there is a drop-down for the # of groups) and/or the CQB module.  You can also add a limiter in the Virtual AI module which sets a max for the number of AI groups that can spawn at any given time.


    There must be some other problem however as your server should never reach 7GB of RAM usage for arma3server.exe.  The most I've ever personally seen is just under 2GB of usage on a dedicated box.

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    1.  4:27:42 Warning Message: Script ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest.sqf not found

    2.  4:27:42 "ExileServer - Server is loading..."

    3.  4:27:42 Client: Nonnetwork object 1dd7f400.

    4.  4:27:42 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!"

    5.  4:27:42 "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong."

    6.  4:27:42 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Unable to locate extDB2 extension!"

    7.  4:27:42 "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :(


          Seems it can't find more than one file and it's missing file(s) for the mySQL backend.  Do you have mySQL installed and configured on your server?


          I'm not familiar with the Exile mod - your best bet might be to post this in the forum thread for that mod.

  4. Thanks spyderblack for your answer.


    Unfortunately it does not work. I have tested it with just a helo synced to a Combat Support Module (CAS) and it does not detect it. I only get, "No OPCOM instances found". It shows however in the Supports tablet but I cannot assign any waypoints in there... Could this be added as a future feature? Cheers  :) 



    Feature request added  :)

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  5. I didnt find that option there. Ill try to find it up.



    There is no option really.. the BE config file is just a text file in your server's \Battleye folder... add this to it (you don't need the RCON line if you don't use remote administration)


    RConPassword *****
    MaxPing 350


    Players with a ping > 350 will get a BE message saying they've been kicked for high ping

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  6. he should test with map and it's requirement only loaded, difficult to say if he loads a ton of addons


    guys ... you should learn this please :D

    if you have problem with an addon do load only this addon ALONE, then see if error and crash still happens

    if yes, you sure it is the map

    if not, then load the other addons one by one until you find the case of crash


    I know this is time consuming and annoying, but that's the way how arma is and this since ages


    how it looks it is a memory crash, access to a wrong memory address caused by fata

    can be anything, my guess it's a bad scripted configuration file of the map or a bad texture


    +1 Internet Cookie for you

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  7. Yikes.

    Are you guys recommending staying away from CUP Terrains for now? If so, meaning just the official A1/A2 maps might be causing issues (Takistan, Chernerus, etc) or even just using the mod in general (Reshmaan, CLAfghan, etc)?


    It shouldn't cause issues with other (non CUP) terrains so no harm in loading it with Arma - but as far as the maps themselves working - only one way to find out  ;)   If the map doesn't work you will get either an infinite loading screen or an error in the RPT



    Thanks Savage. Do you have a roadmap on Github like you did for Devwithsix? Google didn't find anything. Awesome list! Ezbekistan was by far my favorite map in Arma 2 and I can't wait to use it with ALIVE once it's indexed!

    Github is private for now which is probably why you can't find anything.  I'll let one of the devs reply with any more details.
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  8. Will you guys begin updating the roadmap again on Devwithsix? I miss following your progress and seeing all the cool things to come. If not, what maps do you plan on indexing in the future?


    We've pretty much moved to GitHub for a few reasons... not sure if DWS will get any further updates.


    Here is the current queue for indexing maps:


    • Hindu Kush
    • FSF Kalu Khan
    • Cossac Cape, Crimea
    • Cidada Island
    • Kunar Province
    • Schwemlitz
    • Faysh Khabur
    • Ezbekistan
    • Bozcaada
    • Panthera (needs a re-index due to map ID changes)
    • Atlantis
    • Chernarus Winter (for some reason map IDs are different from Chernarus :angry: )
    • Xcam Prototype map
    • Sugar Lake
    • Ural
    • Korengal Valley
    • Southern Waziristan
    • Da Krong
    • Nam (needs re-index)


    The dev that is the Master of Indexing has not had a lot of time for ALiVE in the last while due to RL stuff.. hence the backlog.


    Also there may be an issue concerning AiA terrains vs CUP terrains.. hopefully the map IDs in the CUP versions are the same as AiA ones or else we will need to re-index all the CUP maps  :blink:

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