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  1. Yep works pretty well.. you can also add/remove respawn points on the fly:




    Also note you can adjust how the respawn positions behave at mission start with respawnOnStart = X

    respawnOnStart = 1;    //Respawn on start. Run respawn script on start.
    respawnOnStart = 0;    //Dont respawn on start. Run respawn script on start.
    respawnOnStart = -1;   //Dont respawn on start. Don't run respawn script on start.
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  2. Finally they let me out of my cage!!!   :D



    In all seriousness it's been a great experience working behind the scenes with this group.  I'd like to thank all of them for allowing me to annoy, pester, poke, prod and ramble on incoherently.... and occasionally help out.  I've been a fan of their work since MSO and hope that they will continue to cook up stuff for the community.



    edit:  anyone looking for HC setup instructions please refer to this post by dixon13:



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  3. Is there an Alive command to despawnComposition or deleteComposition to remove whatever composition has been spawned in?









    edit:  no function for this at the moment sorry




    After several tests, it is certain that the cause of a server crash is a problem between the ACE and Alive. I can not at the moment determine whether the problem lies in the whole fashion or just a module, but still narrows the search box. Whether any steps will be taken in order to eliminate this problem? Or rather the players have to rely on ourselves?



    From the various reports I've received I would tend to agree with you.. something does not jive between ACE and ALiVE.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to replicate it while running just @CBA_A3, @ACE3 and @ALiVE, and there are other groups running those mods without issue.  If you can provide server and client RPT files for a crash instance using the above mods we'd certainly appreciate it.

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  4. don't hold yer breath for a reply RoF.....not a lot of help here. :unsure:



    I'd ask you to please review the rest of the thread then consider your comment.


    Also perhaps waiting more than a day or two for a response would be in order before pissing off those that would try to help you.  It's possible that no one other than the author knows the answer to your question.

  5. You could use an FTP client (FileZilla) which will queue up all the files and upload them one or two at a time.  Doing it through your browser interface can be problematic especially on larger files.


    Some admin panels have the ability to extract files from archives (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc) - if yours does you could upload the zipped file (if you do this make sure to zip up the files already inside the folder @mod_name - so that when it extracts the folder structure is correct) and extract it on the server.

  6. @Heroes

    There's a few options.

    this disableAI "MOVE";

    In the init line of the units will make them unable to move but maybe less realistic than you want.

    You can try:

    this setBehaviour "CARELESS";

    this setCombatMode "BLUE";

    Should make them completely ignore enemies.

    And finally you could try:

    this disableAI "TARGET";

    this disableAI "AUTOTARGET";

    Though you may need to couple them together with one of the above.

    Check out disableAI on the wiki.



    The most recent sitrep has this as well (dev branch only):


    Using script commands disableAI and enableAI, you can now toggle two additional sections: "AUTOCOMBAT" and "COVER". The former controls the autonomous switching to combat behavior when the entity detects danger. Having this disabled lets you be the one who commands their behavior, but that also means you become responsible for those poor souls. The second section toggles the AI's usage of cover positions around them in the environment.


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